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Discussion in 'Screwfix Live' started by billathome65, Dec 30, 2022.

  1. billathome65

    billathome65 Member

    Hi am looking to pick up a new drill as my last 2 have given up the ghost and I'm thinking the Erbaure ERH750

    My question is can I use standard drill bits in this, or do I need to slot in an SDS keyed chuck? If so will it still give me the hammer drill action more drilling masonry or do I have to replace all my current bits with SDS bits? I ask as I have Mcallen SDS drill but it won't do hammer action for masonry for some reason it will only do drill and chisel.

  2. Jord86

    Jord86 Screwfix Select

    It is an sds drill so only sds bits will work in the chuck. I wouldn’t recommend trying to remove the chuck for a different one, doubt it would stand up to being tampered with.
  3. billathome65

    billathome65 Member

    No the other SDS drill I have has a separate keyed chuck that slots into the SDS chuck but when I use this on the one I have it only goes into wood drill mode and not hammer drill.

    I was wondering if the same would happen if I was to use the keyed chuck in the ERH750.

    I don't want to spend to much so if you suggest a different corded keyed chuck drill what would you suggest?
  4. koolpc

    koolpc Super Member

    Does it need to be an SDS drill?

    Mine is a cheapy ordinary keyed chuck drill bought from screwfix years ago and works a treat.
  5. billathome65

    billathome65 Member

    No it doesn't I'm just after a drill that I can use my existing bits in something that is below £70 if possible but a hardy infrequent use drill.

    Thing is I have an SDS drill which has a keyed chuck SDS adapter just that when I use that on my current SDS drill with the keyed chuck the drill won't go into hammer drill mode for masonry
  6. Mark Griffiths

    Mark Griffiths Active Member

    I think it's a common that an SDS drill will not activate the hammer mode when using a keyed chuck adaptor, so this will be common across all SDS drills. If you can find one that works with hammer then that will be the exception, not the rule.

    As for a recommendation, without knowing what your use case is and material type, it's very hard to make a recommendation. There are a few drills in your price range which are corded and as long as you stick to a name you know, you'll probably not go far wrong.
  7. billathome65

    billathome65 Member

    Cheers that was my thinking so I decided to go with the
    Erbauer 240V 800W corded hammer drill the EHD800-2

    Shame screw fix didn't have this drill listed so ordered from big momma B&Q.

    Cheers. For the reply guys.

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