Drill twin kit deals price

Discussion in 'Screwfix Deals' started by DMcPeake, Jun 10, 2021.

  1. DMcPeake

    DMcPeake New Member

    Last week I was interested in the Milwaukee M18 twin kit which was priced at £259. I went to purchase it this week and the price had gone up to £329. Does anyone know if the price will come down again anytime soon or if I can get a voucher code for discount?
  2. CraigMcK

    CraigMcK Screwfix Select

  3. DMcPeake

    DMcPeake New Member

    No it was the Milwaukee M18 CBLPP2A-502c 18V.
  4. masterdiy

    masterdiy Screwfix Select

    £286 on ebay.

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