Drilled through soil pipe

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by david andrw, Nov 8, 2018.

  1. david andrw

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    ive been a right tool and drilled through the soil pipe, only noticed the kitchen floor damp the other day, I was trying to feed some speaker cable through a plasterboard wall. The hold is tight and about the size of my index finger and nice and tight, hasnt splintered or cracked. Best product to fill and repair it please?
  2. KIAB

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    Pipe is plastic & vertical, think a flex seal joiner,£7 from competitor, (25396) would work, cut it along it's length,then wrap around soil pipe,it will held in place by the band straps.

    Probably cheaper than using a slip coupler, or gap filling cement & a plastic patch cut from a piece of soil pipe.
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  3. KIAB

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    Can't get link to work,waterproof repair tape might be enough.
  4. Pollowick

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    An offcut of pipe and solvent - provided is one that is solvent weld compatible. Then a wrap or two of decent tape.
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    If you mean my link, it wouldn't work for me so removed it.

    OP look on Ebay for waterproof repair tape.
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    Use Stainless steel screw if small hole or bolt like a m6 or m8 to block hole. Should self tap in plastic pipe. That's what I would use
  7. KIAB

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  8. Wayners

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    Buy a strap then a blanking plug.. Strap here then plug here.. Note This is the not my area of knowledge although I have used similar so check its correct parts. Maybe plumbers can confirm
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  10. longboat

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    Your index finger. Perfect size.
  11. longboat

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    Seriously though, I'd go with pollowicks method.
    Buy a cheap solvent weld coupler and some solvent weld. Cut a piece out from the coupler and stick it over the hole.
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  12. Wayners

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    As above I think.. Donald Trumps my idea
  13. Allsorts

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    Second for Pollo's idea.

    Try and clean any inside burrs from the hole as they can sometimes catch 'bits' coming down the pipe, then thoroughly clean the outside surface around the hole, possibly even very lightly keying it with fine grade paper.

    Do you have any pipe offcuts? Do you know any plumbers...?

    Thoroughly solvent a close-fitting patch over it, and then by all means wrap duct tape around that too, to be sure to be sure.

    Excellent selection of plugs in KIAB's post #7, and these should work well provided they are 'solventable', which they probably are. Widen hole to neatly take one of these plugs, de-burr if needed, but then trim the protruding length of the plug down to the pipe's wall thickness - you ideally don't want that sticking through.

    Tape over to be 100% certain.

    Wayner's idea of a boss and plug would work as it's completely normal practice, but I suspect it'd stick out too far towards the wall board?

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