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Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by ME69, Dec 6, 2017.

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    I lost my kitchen fitter booking after some building work was delayed and have decided to do it myself to avoid being without a kitchen for months and to save a few quid.

    I’ve got the kitchen from DIY kitchens, which is all pre built units with doors already fitted. We’re getting granite worktops so I don’t need to worry about them.

    My fitter told me to order the integrated freezer doors undrilled, but I’ve no idea how to go about drilling them. A bit of googling shows that there are various jigs around at a fairly low cost, for use with a specific drill bit to make the cut. Can anyone advise the best way to go about this please?

    I’m also a bit concerned about making sure that the wall units are going to stay put. 2 sides are dot and dab over the really soft, lightweight air blocks and the 3rd wall is an internal stud wall. I’ve bought the 2m lengths of bracket so I can get more fittings in and make sure that I hit the studs on the internal wall. I’ve also bought these plugs (Fischer duopower in 40mm), are these sufficient for the external walls? Is it best to drill through the plasterboard and stick them full depth into the blocks?


    The walls are getting a skim a couple of days before I want to start the fitting, so I doubt that they’ll be dry before I want to start fitting the kitchen. Is it ok to start fitting the kitchen over plaster that’s not fully dry? With luck by the time I’ve finished the base units the walls will have dried so I could paint before the wall units go up.

    Thanks for the help.
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    Hi ,few things . the wall plugs need to go into the block their full depth. As you are going into soft block start with a drill bit thats a tad smaller diameter than the plug so you have to drive it in. Re drilling the hinge holes in the back of the doors ,you can use a cordless drill and a tct hinge cutter ,the correct size for hinge ( like screwfix code1453v or 4977 v). Just make sure you don't drill too deep and knacker the door. And of course accurate measurements for the hinge position /s is a must. Better if the plaster is fully dried and painted before fitting the wall cabinets. Good luck !
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    No idea how good / bad these jigs are ,as I have never used one. Fitted a few over the years in my tenanted properties though ,and have seen joiners using folded cardboard to mark handle positions a few times. Don't know if that's cos they are too tight fisted to buy a jig or if its cos the jigs are iffy !!!
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    make your own jig to sit over door

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