Drilling taps in corner of modern moulded acrylic bath

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Selfbuilding, Aug 1, 2020.

  1. Selfbuilding

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    Does anybody have experience of drilling for taps in the corner of one of these (or similar) modern, acrylic back-to-wall baths with the panel made as part of the bath/no separate panel?


    I've asked the suppliers and they have said they don't recommend it but not sure if that is their stock answer for anything unusual.....

  2. andy48

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    1. If they say they don't recommend it, presumably you will lose any warranty if you drill it.
    2. Doesn't look to be much room for drilling (35 mm? depending on tap) and fitting tap and water connections. You'd probably have to extend tap flexis with copper before fitting.
    3. Not sure how you'd get spanners up between the outer and inner skins of the bath to fasten taps.
    4. In my view you'd need to cut out and install some substantial reinforcement (brass plate, acrylic plate?) to add some rigidity. Reinforcement would probably need to be glued to the bath under the mounting point.
    5. Any serious maintenance would probably require the bath to be removed.
    6. I personally wouldn't do it. Be more inclined to chase the wall and put some wall mounted taps on.
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  3. Selfbuilding

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    Thank you for that Andy, very comprehensive and helpful. Great to get the reasons why not to do it!

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