Dripping boiler - leak discovered today-pics inside, help with source pls

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  1. Hi
    With the greatest of respect, serious answers only please.
    I got my worcester bosch boiler serviced on 1st August and only just noticed today that it has been dripping. I've not been in the boiler cupboard since 1st August.
    Below is a picture of the leak, my trainer shoe also soaked.
    There's a bowl under it catching the drips
    Below is a red circle where the leak is coming from
    I don't know if my warranty is invalidated because although i got my boiler installed in Jan 15 the earliest service document i can find is May 16, more than 12 months from installlation but i will find out from worcester bosch tomorrow.
    I'm writing to ask if
    1)An engineer can tell me the source of the leak because I'll have to pay for it myself if the warranty is void?
    2)I turned off the electric switch serving the boiler-did I do the right thing?
    3)Will it be safe if I leave my stopcock on as I need my water supply?
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    Are you covered on you're home insurance for emergency's if so you will have been given an emergency contact number.
  3. I don't have home insurance.
    I Forgot to post the pictures, I will edit my first post.
  4. I can't edit it, here are the pictures of the leak and the source, would love help with the questions on my first post please.-thanks
    source of leak.jpg
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    yes you can leave the stopcock turned on the boiler is a sealed system it will just need topping up when the pressure gauge falls in the red have you got a plastic condenser pipe coming from under the boiler.
  6. Pressure in the red, checked today, it's how i discovered leak, was feeling cold, turned heating on, did a quick pressure check, saw it as totally gone down, that's when i spotted leak.
    After I turned off elec supply to boiler leak appears to have stopped.
    I am no expert, but it was on the non-eco setting so may have only leaked every time it auto fired up, dunno
    1)How many times a day automatically?
    2)how long does it keep fired up for in the times it fires up?
    These two questions would give me an idea of how much water has leaked in to the concrete floor, and whether it dripped fast or slow, as I could have just caught the ends of the drip.
    The size of the wet stain is no real indication of how much water has been lost as the floor is cocrete screed and absorbs it straight away, Downstairs neighbour hasnt had leaks as far as they can tell.
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    The drips may well be because your pressure dropped low enough to be in the red. Some parts of these boilers require at least 0.5 bar (or even 1 bar) so that there is sufficient pressure to to seal them.
    Have you topped up your pressure back to 1.5 bars? If so, is the dripping still happening? More than before? Less than before? Stopped completely?
    If you don't know how to top up the pressure, it's by lifting the little blue flap to the left of your red circle. Lift it until the pressure gauge shows 1.5 bars.
    I very much doubt that Worcester Bosch is going to refuse your warranty if your first service was just a couple of months late. They just want it done once a year every year for the five year warranty (or for the eight year warranty if the boiler was fitted by one of their certified installers).
    If your boiler was serviced in May this year, then the first person you should call is the service engineer. Any good service engineer would sort the problem for you, especially if it's he/she who will be looking after it for the remainder of your warranty period (and probably well beyond that). If he/she isn't willing to come and sort it, then it's time to look for a more responsible and customer friendly replacement.
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    Tell them after they serviced the boiler it has started leaking water from the back flow relief port on the keyless filling link.

    Plastic boiler components,what next :(
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  9. Thanks, I rang the manufacturer today, they are coming to fix the leak on Thursday. Guarantee not void according to them, but thanks for all replies.
  10. Sorry i forgot to thank you, I mentioned this to the man who the manufacturer sent to repair it. He said that there was another problem which he had never come across before, he is very experienced. He used technical terms for the problem and said it was unusual he had never seen it before.

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