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Discussion in 'Other Trades Talk' started by rogermh, Feb 26, 2008.

  1. rogermh

    rogermh New Member

    Hi Everyone

    The plaster on the walls in the front room of my terrace house is completely shot, in the most it has blown and the previous owners tried their hand at the DIY rough plaster look!! I am about to remove the lot back to brick and have it dot and dabbed and then skimmed and the ceiling overboarded and skimmed. Could anyone tell me the going rate per MTR for the dot and dab and the skim as a job lot, as said I will be removing all of the plaster myself beforehand. And lastly is there any good guys in the cannock area that would like the job?
  2. Brummie Taffy

    Brummie Taffy New Member

    Its unlikely someone would give you a metre rate for that on the domestic side. You'll get quoted a figure for the lot. c£1k without looking at it.
  3. Bigtrav

    Bigtrav New Member

    as a rough guide you're looking at fitting and skimming 1x8' board around £25
  4. RMH

    RMH New Member

    Thanks for your replies. I will have to find myself a tradesman in the area which it seems will not be easy as everyone appears to be snowed under with work! If any guys reading this have time on their hands to quote, please drop me a line.
  5. sammy toaster

    sammy toaster New Member

    wots with this "dot and dab" even the name suggests a bodge job.
  6. Bigtrav

    Bigtrav New Member

    Sammy, most newbuilds use dot & Dab these days. it's quicker and often flatter than backing plaster and topcoat. the plasterboard adhesive used for this technique is very secure and if done right will cause less movement than boarding onto battons.
  7. sammy toaster

    sammy toaster New Member

    yes new "spec builds" i happen to have been part of a squad solid plastering one of these "developers " own mansion in hertfordshire, he wrily smiled when dotting and dabbing was mentioned .
  8. rogermh

    rogermh New Member

    Hi Sammy

    I do entirely agree with you and would much rather prefer to have the whole lot wet plastered. Having said that, trying to find someone with the skills to be able to run a 4-5M wall and get it flat is not that easy these days. My dad was a plasterer for all of his working life and was more than capable of such along with many who worked at that time, unfortunately I have had a lot of difficulty finding someone to do this who has been recommended. Unless you know differently?
  9. pep

    pep Member

    Just get the whole room drylined and taped and jointed. Less mess and You wont have to worry about cracking plaster in the future and you can decorate it straight away.
  10. pep

    pep Member

    Re: prices, dabbers where i am in bristol are paid between £2.50 and £3 a SqM (labour only, and finishers the same to tape and joint (but thats supply as well), this is for site work, brand new empty rooms. I always charge slightly more for domestic jobs as they are always a bit more time consuming.

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