DT90E, Nibe Fighter 200P and UFH

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by Christian Boyce, Feb 3, 2021.

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    Just swapped all my thermostats to DT90E's (6 in total) and wanted to know if I should change anything in the installer menus as per my setup. The old thermostats were 3 wire (Live, Sw-Live and Neutral) and the new ones I've wired up with just 2 wire (Live and Sw-Live).

    I have a Nibe Fighter 200P boiler which is currently on setting '2' due to the winter. There are 2 control boards (Nu-Heat Optiflow Wiring Center) one for upstairs and one for downstairs along with 2 manifolds, again one up and one down.

    UFH is in every room in the house and I have 3 thermostats upstairs (Bedroom1, Bedroom2 and Landing/Bathroom) and 3 downstairs (Living Room, Hall/Toliet and Kitchen).

    Any advice on setting up the thermostats while in the installer mode would be very helpful. Can they be left as default settings or changed to perform better?

    Thank you.

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