Dulux waterbased Gloss

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by Tony Soprano, May 29, 2008.

  1. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano New Member

    Has anyone used this,and is it any good?Nice new tin with a bit of green on it.But i am a little sceptical even though eventually we will all have to move over to waterbase
  2. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano New Member

    Sorry i should have asked DULUX TRADE WATERBASED GLOSS
  3. jockster

    jockster New Member


    Sorry haven't used the Dulux yet but have just used Crown quick drying gloss (water based) for the 1st time this week and have to say its pretty good. Coverage on a very yellowed loft hatch in a Pipe-smokers house was 2 coats by roller & looked superb.

  4. jockster

    jockster New Member


    Should have said I'm only using water based (last 3 months) and finding it much better than expected.

  5. Tony Soprano

    Tony Soprano New Member

    Thanks for that jockster .yes we too are using mainly waterbased paint just getting ready for 2010 when all solvent based will be banned.I havent used the crown but will try it on your recommendation to find out what it is like.Once again thank you for your input
  6. Burlington Bertie

    Burlington Bertie New Member

    Have used Dulux, Crown and Johnstones. To my surprise (not a great fan of Johnstones) the Johnstones seemed to have the best gloss although I have to say that none of them had the same shine as oil based, but not too bad really. Not sure that I would use it on my own place but for speed it's great. Coverage looked poor when applied but looked better when dry
  7. Telmay

    Telmay New Member

    Its improving all the time and a little Floatrol helps with brush strokes.

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