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Discussion in 'Car and Van Talk' started by Adamfya, Nov 20, 2021.

  1. woodbutcherbower

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    Morning Johnny. Premium grade, highly figured kiln-dried oak for my next customer joinery project - an ornate Victorian front door. Same sawmill as I’ve been buying from for 30 years.

    100mm x 50mm (4” x 2”) x 2400mm - so nothing huge or fancy.

    £266 + VAT per length. :eek: That’s more than double what I was paying a year ago.
  2. woodbutcherbower

    woodbutcherbower Screwfix Select

    I mean don’t get me wrong, figured oak has always been expensive - it comes from the ‘sweet spot’ in the tree where the main bulk of the timber’s just starting to blend into the paler heartwood as it’s sawn. There’s only a small amount of this stuff comes from each tree (see a small cottage door I made this summer) - but the price is stratospheric. I’m having to go back to literally every customer with a price increase over the original quote I sent them a few months back to see if they still want to go ahead with the job.

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  3. JOMEL

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    Hi WoodButcherbow.

    Well I have made things all my life.88 now
    When I stand back and look at what I have made,
    I get a proud feeling of job well done.
    But you must have that feeling in abundance when you
    look back at those doors.
    You are not a Butcher Sir you are a MASTER CRAFTSMAN
    I am on with a project myself now been on it for months on and off
    But I am not sure if this is the place to explain.
    No matter I Enjoy it.
    But with family its kinda "grandads at it again"

    So what.

    Johnny M
  4. woodbutcherbower

    woodbutcherbower Screwfix Select

    Post up some pics Johnny !!! FWIW it was watching my Grandad in his shed as a kid which got me started off five decades ago. Never underestimate the inspiration a grandparent can bring to impressionable little ones. And thanks for your kind words.

    Take it easy young man, enjoy the rest of your weekend.
  5. Bob Rathbone

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    My jeep currently has issues with the fuel pump diaphragm, it will be replaced with an E10 suitable one. The main issue for me is corrosion in the fuel tank, the rise and fall filler tube is rusty as is the slide it runs in. Looks as if I will need to unsolder it and copper plate the lot with copper sulfate and a battery. Another option I have yet to explore is the use of a 'Megasquirt' fuel injection and mapped ignition. I know the purists will go nuts, but it can be hidden. Probably more difficult on a Moggie.
  6. JOMEL

    JOMEL Screwfix Select

    I will open a new topic
    Big Stone I can explain there.
    Tomorrow ok

    Johnny M
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  7. Adamfya

    Adamfya Screwfix Select

    That door looks amazing. Love it.
    How much would that sort of thing cost out of interest??
  8. Astramax

    Astramax Super Member

    Look at the address on the wall, the price quoted will be in Dollers $$$$$$$$$$....:confused:....:D:D:D..:p
  9. woodbutcherbower

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    Just dug out the invoice (May 2021) @Adamfya - here's a screenshot pf the pdf, minus my letter heading and contact info obviously. Price is all-inclusive including fitting. Add around £250 for current timber prices. Expensive, but will outlast both of us. My neighbour paid almost as much as this for a composite one.

  10. Adamfya

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    Thanks for that.
    Very interesting.
    I would of thought it would be more expensive.
    Really like the look of your work.
  11. woodbutcherbower

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    Thankyou @Adamfya, glad you like it. The price of things like this is pretty much a reflection of the fact that I’m kitted up to get them done fairly quickly, so the labour cost stays sensible. Plus - on jobs like this there are always delays waiting for glue joints to set, coating oil to dry etc. etc. so I tend to be doing other jobs at the same time. In total it’s about two days to build one and then usually half a day to install it. I know others would probably charge more for something of this quality - but this one was done for a company who manage and maintain 100+ holiday cottages in the Peak District. They throw an awful lot of work my way, so I look after them. I found another pic taken in the workshop as I was building it. The timber had just been cleaned off with turps prior to its first coat of Osmo 420, so the colours and grain were off the scale. All the best.

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  12. JOMEL

    JOMEL Screwfix Select


    Hope you are well.
    I think my project would maybe
    only be of interest to you and I here.
    Maybe Grandads is at it again lol.
    I wont make any more comments on it

    Take care
    Merry xmas

    Johnny M

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