Early April fools joke or is it real???

Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by sally green, Nov 19, 2020.

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    Never mind trying to get you 40 mini type eltric car cahrged - now you won't have gas boilers.

    The the gov will say - "we need more power stations and in order to safeguard eletric supplies as far as possible and restrict hours when you have eltric, we will tax eletric users as follows

    on benefetis, no extra tax

    those grossing 20k, 1k in tax
    grossing/earing over 20k to 30k 2k in tax a year

    40k to 50k 3k in tax
    over 50k 5k in tax
    over 100k, 7k in tax

    You have power cuts in devolping countries, we are heading for that for sure.
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    Must add and just read this, no jesting.

    "Jerremy Corbin reported for "pretending" to be a labour mp" biggest lol of the month
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    There have been grants available in France for about the last three years for replacement heating systems to more greener options.
    I think air source heat pumps are the latest rage.
    But, by all accounts, a poorly insulated building converting to an air source heat pump is pointless, and maybe even counter productive.

    Schemes like these ought to be preceded by a capable and unbiased, unaffiliated professional to advise a range of the best returns on investment.
    They rarely are, and are usually fronted by professional installers who will push their product irrespective of possible better alternatives.
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    Good, informative post, Mr Corgi.
  5. Bob Rathbone

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    Concerning the phasing out of gas boilers and fossil fuel cars, my question to the Government would be "Where is all of the electricity coming from? We are about to lose a further 20% of our base load provision with the closure of another old reactor. I see electricity shortages (hence the dash for smart meters) and to fill the gap until new nuclear stations are built, we will build gas fired stations and burn oil to make electricity to run the car and heat the house, where is the carbon gain in that? How much extra electricity will we need? Well my gas boiler is 30kW when it's heating DHW and every litre of diesel contains around 15kWh of energy. Do the maths and you will see that a home with 2 cars and heating will need a supply 3 times the size of the present 23kW electricity supply.
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    I presume you're on about the ending of petrol cars in 2030 - it's a pile of nonsense - won't happen - just Boris's version of Trump's wall, although the advantage he has is that he doesn't need to do ANYTHING except announce it. Politics is a difficult game to predict, but one thing is a certainty and that is Boris won't be PM in 2030.
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    This is an interesting thread. I found a document buried in the BBC archives about our change of energy usage a few years back when I was wondering how the Conservatives were going to restart the British economy upon leaving the EU. I also looked at their manifesto from 2019.

    Here is the 2019 Conservative manifesto:


    It does say in it ‘Reaching Net Zero by 2050 with investment in clean energy solutions and green infrastructure to reduce carbon emissions and pollution.’

    I’m not making any political points... I’m only saying it was part of the ruling party’s pledge to the people at the time in 2019. I’m thinking the change of energy is to do with the grand scheme of bringing back manufacturing to the UK.
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    2030 and 2050 are very different beasts - either the way the important thing is that achieving the objective requires a plan. There is no plan - not even a plan to make a plan - ergo it's just empty air. 2030 means that by 2040 nearly all transport is electrified - that's 20 years from now. We'd need to treble our electrical supplies and that means a lot more of either gas, or nuclear for the base load. Wind as well, but would need the backup for weeks when the wind doesn't blow. Hinkley took 6 years from conception to be approved in 2016 and won't open until 2025. We need at least another dozen like it.

    As far as bringing manufacturing back to the UK goes - that will be inevitable as standards of living between asia and the UK tilt the other way - before then though we Brits are going to have to start getting used to 12h/day, 6 days a week physical jobs again, that might take a bit longer than 2030 lol.
  9. Nanook

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    There is a plan, perhaps a loose one but I have seen it in the document I found tucked away in the archives which never made it to the public sphere.

    I will dig it out.

    Again, this is not political as I am not politically affiliated with the Conservatives but if you’re set on taking a country out of an established union... surely you would have some sort of a plan.

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