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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Bumbling Diyer, Dec 11, 2003.

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    The bonding cable in the bathroom and kitchen of the flat I'm doing up only runs as far as the nearest point on the power circuit, and then joins up with the earth of that.

    Is that OK? I have an idea that it's suppsed to be 10mm, and run all the way to the consumer unit.

    The plumber who fitted the new bathroom for me assures me that it's fine, but I thought I'd let some electrician's have a say...

    Any thoughts?

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  3. MICC

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    cht is probably right here its supplementary bonding, but please don't listen to a plumber about electric, would you ask a plumber about fuse rating/
    The main water earth bonding needs to be 10mm along with the main gas, so its a good idea to get a electrician in to check.
  4. Bumbling Diyer

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    Still not quite clear - The main water and gas is indeed bonded with 10mm, straight to the earth block at the service head, but should the bathroom and kitchen (6mm) bonding run all the way back to the CU, or is it OK for it to join up with the nearest convenient point on the power circuit, and run to earth via 2.5mm T&E?

    Thanks for your help!
  5. MICC

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    Main gas and water earth need to be 10.00mm wired back to the meter position, you can run one cable if the cable is not cut at the first earth clamp, to do both pipes.
    Supplementary earth bonding should be wired in 4.00mm and should be connected to nearest electrical earth point(ie immersion switch) this is however not required by the IEE regulations but is advised.
    Also large metallic objects (rads, s/s sink) which are close to electrical circuits should be bonded.
    If in doubt, fit an RCD at the consumer unit, this does not replace earth bonding which will still have to be installed.

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