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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by jazz drummer, Nov 18, 2009.

  1. jazz drummer

    jazz drummer New Member

    hi hope to get some good advice. fitted a boiler recently. my electrician arrived to wire boiler, which i assumed he would take from socket in bedroom and fit 3amp fused spur. told me he would get jail if he didnt inspect earth on gas and water, none visible. he isnt prepared to wire boiler until house has had earth fitted to gas and water. any thoughts on this. one other company has said this isnt a problem. who is correct
  2. sparky43

    sparky43 New Member

    Your electrician is right. Earth bonding should be in place and the correct size before there is any work carried out on the installation
  3. jazz drummer

    jazz drummer New Member

    what regulations is he working to. one sparky has said because its only an add on its fine. im trying to give the best advice to my customer but they dont beleive me or my sparky
  4. The spark is right - he needs to ensure that the bonding is in place.

    Listen to good advice ;)
  5. Star-Delta

    Star-Delta Member

    jazz drummer

    Regulation 131.8
    "Alterations and additions must not be made to an existing installation unless the earthing and bonding arrangements are adequate".

  6. jazz drummer

    jazz drummer New Member

    cheers i do trust my sparky, but other companys have cast doubt on this to my customer. also on the niceic website under householders part p factsheet, it mentions that adding a socket etc does not need a sparky (or hints at it), or is it the way im reading it.
  7. Depends on where the additional socket is being placed.

    Works in kitchens or bathrooms fall under the remit of part p, so in that case you'd require a spark to carry out the work.
    (or do it yerself and not tell anyone!) - not that i condone that of course.
  8. jazz drummer

    jazz drummer New Member

    can you see what im getting at. it seems i can add spur and not inspect earth on gas and water. so are both sparkys right. come on there can only be one, anyone where can i get the correct answer. remember i just play with gas and water!
  9. figaro

    figaro New Member

    I say dont take on work you aren't sure whats what, stick to you own trade if you have one.
  10. jazz drummer

    jazz drummer New Member

    ive only just enough brains to learn one trade. ( plumbing heating and gas)thats why im posting these, to hear any sparks opinions on this subject
  11. fabregas

    fabregas New Member

    i just play with gas and water!

    Thats obvious as any decent plumber would know the answer without having to come on here and ask!
  12. mick761

    mick761 New Member

    I thought all gas engineers were obliged to check earthing before working on systems (gas safe/corgi rules). If no earths no work
  13. Eye Squared R

    Eye Squared R Active Member

    <u>POINT of ORDER</u>

    ALL electrics

    ALL Electrics

    All Electrics

    in a domestic dwelling come under Part P HOWEVER only certain elements are notifiable either by using an electrician who pays his due to the NICEIC/NAPPIT etc etc brigade or via the Building Control Officer at the local council.
  14. edward current

    edward current Active Member

    why dont you just put a 13A plug top on the boiler and run away.......

    your sparks correct in what he says but you still need your money from the customer, just advise customer to get there wiring checked asap
  15. pcelectrics

    pcelectrics New Member

  16. Evening Jazz Drummer. You must ensure that the earthing is acceptable.It is the regulations which state that this must be so before any alterations are done irrespective of whether they are notifiable or not under Part P . Your Spark is correct. What was unacceptable before Part P was introduced is still so. What your other spark is saying is that because it may not notifiable depending on which circuit he is altering ,then you can try to get away with saying nothing to the customer and just adding the socket.However he would still be required to issue a minor works certificate for the alteration on any circuit and this requires confirmatiom of adequacy of earthing arrangements,so I,m afraid that it,s still wrong to alter the circuit without fixing the earthing,besides being unsafe!

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