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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by threeof, Aug 11, 2017.

  1. threeof

    threeof New Member

    Easy Fix Vinylester Resin Anchor System (product code: 5101J).

    It states 'Fast Acting' on the sleeve.

    I have been trying to use this product without success, its hard by the time the end of the nozzle extension has been retracted and got to the end of the hole !
    I can't then fit the 500mm M10 threaded rod into the 12mm hole I am trying to insert.

    The product is an equivalent Rawlplug R-KER-W (SF Prod code 7705E) - this appears to be a winter product, with a short working time of just 2 minutes @ 20 Deg. C. (in London it can be much warmer than that !). The Rawlplug winter version is cheaper for some reason.

    It doesn't appear that Screwfix sell the slower acting version (Rawlplugs R-KER-380) (SF Prod code 85750).

    Wonder if anyone has had success with this product this time of year, its too quicK acting for me ... its a featured product on the cover section of the 'Fixings an Fasteners' summer catalogue - should I assume its not a mistake promoting a product designed for winter use - in the summer ??
  2. btiw2

    btiw2 Active Member

    I had exactly the same problem with this stuff in warm weather.

    I did think about keeping it in fridge to see if that helped. In the end I waited until December (it wasn't an urgent job) and then the working time was okay.

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