ecv Let-by or nothing to worry about?

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  1. So I've got use of an old Kane 455 which is still well within its latest calibration. I got a rise from 8.90 to 8.94 over 60 seconds. Its not a one off - all the tests are similar. I can't really see any change on my U gauge either (even with my reading glasses on).

    Question is should I call 0800111999 or whatever it is or will they laugh at me for wasting their time? I also don't particularly want to make up a story along the lines of "....the GasSafe engineer told me he couldn't work on the system until the ECV is rectified...."

    To pre-empt the what-the-hell-are-you doing questions I'm happy to answer if I get an honest answer to the above. Thanks a lot for taking the time to read.
  2. My first question is: are you competent/qualified to work on gas? ECV let by does need to be reported as you couldn’t confirm if there was a drop. Testing of let-by is basic ACS stuff hence me asking my 1st question
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    If you have a difference of 0.04 mbar over 60 seconds then the let by test is fine. No gas engineer would report that as a problem to the service provider
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  4. Yes, massive well done. Meanwhile, I know what to do as a gas engineer, wanted to know if you’re qualified before answering o_O

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