EICR code for earthless lighting circuits?

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by rogerk101, Sep 11, 2022.

  1. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    I am considering renting out my home and moving somewhere warm for a few years.

    As such I'll need an EICR done on the house. The house was built before earthing was required in lighting circuits.

    Obviously the code issued will vary depending on who does the EICR, but what do the gurus on here think I should expect?

    Would the issue be 'solved' by changing the CU to be all RCBO? So many other issues just seem to disappear when this is done.

    Many thanks in advance for any thoughts or suggestions.
  2. Ind spark

    Ind spark Screwfix Select

    C3 if all class 2 accessories.
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  3. Coloumb

    Coloumb Screwfix Select

    I would think if you have a EICR done it would be on the basis of what is already there, which may well be compliant with the regs when it was done. I would very much doubt it would be compliant with the current regs to change the cu with ctts. that don't have an earth.
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  4. chesterw

    chesterw Well-Known Member

    Earthing of lighting circuits became a requirement in 1966, therefore the installation is over 56 years old, so I would code it F1 and recommend a further full inspection with a view to rewiring.
  5. Tony Goddard

    Tony Goddard Screwfix Select

    So long as all the fittings are fully insulated / class 2 this shouldn't cause a major red flag IMHO, its certainly not uncommon - however I would pay particular attention of flush mounted switches which should either be fixed to back boxes with insulating lugs or have plastic screws, and of course no metal fittings that require an earth (there are of course those that do not and are double insulated by design)

    And of course there are other factors, ie if the cable is PVC or not etc.

    Of course, there may be other reasons to necessitate works and it might just be as well to get it all done so you don't have renters with problems = agro for you.
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  6. Coloumb

    Coloumb Screwfix Select

    A further inspection of what? The lighting ctt either has an earth or it doesn't and is coded accordingly.
  7. Ind spark

    Ind spark Screwfix Select

    I agree with you but I'd doesn't make a lot of sense to me, surely by upgrading the consumer unit your improving things and that cant be bad.
  8. Coloumb

    Coloumb Screwfix Select

    Yes but I have a feeling there is a reg somewhere that would prevent you upgrading the origin of a supply if there is no earth on the ctt, I mean what do you put for Zs? Alterations and editions ON the ctt might be ok though. Tbh I'm not 100% sure. Maybe something to ask the IET helpline.
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  9. Peterdevon

    Peterdevon Screwfix Select

    I’m going for C3 if all class 2 as well but the bathroom could turn that to a C2 if not out of reach.
    I would say a new DB is a upgrade with RCBOs so alot better than nothing
  10. 14th edition

    14th edition Well-Known Member

    I would C2, particularly because it’s a rental and tenants sometimes do silly thinks like put up class 1 light fittings!
    Apart from anything else the wiring may be pvc but it’s pre1966 and god only knows what other bu@@erations have gone on.
    I would be amazed if I didn’t find a load more issues on an installation of that age, and that’s what you can see and find!
  11. Tony Goddard

    Tony Goddard Screwfix Select

    I'm sure there was a warning sticker available to pop on the board - not that it helps with filling out the Zs, LIM by virtue of their being no earth I would assume

    Edit here it is!

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  12. Ind spark

    Ind spark Screwfix Select

    I assume you would put that sticker on an existing consumer unit, would you be allowed to change the CU then stick that on a new board?

    Cant see why not can you? You wouldn't of made things worse.
  13. Bazza-spark

    Bazza-spark Screwfix Select

    I really can't believe the responses here!

    It is totally irresponsible to consider renting out a property wihere you know the lights are not earthed, and that so called pro's are helping you with advice to get around rewiring.

    Sticker on the CU mean nothing in law, and if the tenants put up a class 1 fitting then get electocuted as landlord it is your responsibility, you have rented out a below standard property.

    No doubt you will be charging rent to a degree that will cover the cost of you living abroad, so sort it first and rent out a property that is safe and sound!

    Absolutely disgusting you should even consider it!!!!! :mad::mad::mad:
  14. Tony Goddard

    Tony Goddard Screwfix Select

    Landlord would not be liable if the injury/fatality was caused by a tenant changing a fitting, short term tenants (which is most residential) should not be altering anything without the permission of the landlord - and certainly not interfering with the electrics, competant or not, in doing so they would void the EICR and the landlords insurance in respect of the tenants welbeing leaving themseves very much in the poop, liable for remediations. This is the flip side of the 5 yearly/ change of tenant EICR, it protects the landlord and their insurers from the tenant doing diy.

    Long term tenants with a maintaining lease are responsible for everything and the landlord doesn't have any routine involvement in the property, and therefore the tenant is defacto the owner in terms of fabric repairs.
  15. rogerk101

    rogerk101 Screwfix Select

    @Bazza-spark ... now, now ... keep your hair on!
    I asked a question. Where did I say I was considering anything? Perhaps you should learn not to respond to forum questions until sober.:D

    Huge thanks to everyone who has responded constructively.
  16. Bazza-spark

    Bazza-spark Screwfix Select

    I haven't got my hair off, and neither am I drunk

    Your opening post:

    Have you such a short memory?
  17. Bazza-spark

    Bazza-spark Screwfix Select

    Perhaps you should think before asking questions and get treatment for your amnesia.
  18. Bazza-spark

    Bazza-spark Screwfix Select

    So you are condoning this?

    You know as well as I do, when SWMBO decides she wants that light fitting she will have it.

    The landlord is letting out a property with a lighting circuit that is not earthed. IMHO this would be a C1 on an EICR for a property that was being let for the first time.

    Disgusting to consider it.
  19. Bazza-spark

    Bazza-spark Screwfix Select

    The chances are that the whole lighting installation is rubber at best, and perished.

    A rewire is absolutley required before tennants and possible children are killed.
  20. The Happy Builder

    The Happy Builder Screwfix Select

    I agree with @Bazza-spark contemplating renting out a house or flat with a substandard electrical installation that is over fifty years old is really not acceptable.
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