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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by gogs_sparky, Feb 20, 2005.

  1. haggis101

    haggis101 New Member

    I have recently bought a flat with electratech system to storage heaters and immersion heater. The control panel is asking for a password that I haven't got and the system isn't working properly. Someone seems to have a manual for this - please can this be sent to jonny<u>j</u>harris@hotmail.com or does anyone know an over-ride? or someone who will look at in Stockport, Cheshire?
  2. Seddo

    Seddo New Member

    Guys, I have just moved into a flat with the Electra Tech system and same as a few others, there's a PIN number requested on the display which I don't have and can't get past. Can anyone shed some light on this or email me a manual. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
    email: mlseddon@hotmail.com
  3. jonesy44

    jonesy44 New Member

    HI Seddo,

    Please help. I hve the exact same problem as this did you get any info that helps.?

  4. terry c

    terry c New Member

    hi i have same code problemo
  5. partpdoctor

    partpdoctor New Member

    hey spud gun....
    i used to install electatech for NORWEB all those years ago.
    i worked from bax rd, where were you based then?
  6. yoza666

    yoza666 New Member

    tying to sort out a problematic norweb smart heat electrical storage system.
    can you give me advice or email me instuctions that might help.

  7. In need of Help!!

    In need of Help!! New Member

    Hi there,

    Been reading this chat and realise much of it took place some years ago but have just encountered problems with my Electratech system, which is now asking for a code, as seems to have happened to several of you previously. Any chance that anyone who is in possession of a set of instructions could email a copy to me. My email is juliansquires@yahoo.co.uk

    Thanks a lot.
  8. gingerflip

    gingerflip New Member

    Just had a real problem with electratech/smart heat storage heating controls. No electrician i contacted would touch this complicated system. Eventually found someone called John who came and sorted it all out. He used to install these systems for Norweb back in the dark ages, his website is Norwebelectrical.co.uk He was brilliant, sorted it all out and it didn't cost an arm or a leg (unlike some other quotes i had).

    BIG LEROY New Member

    Hello John :^O
  10. Caveman

    Caveman New Member

    Well here's a shock for you - I designed the bloody thing years ago, it was a job for Norweb done by Carters in Burnley.

    Basically the original version (with the membrane keypad) consisted of two units, the controller keypad and a relay conroller - these were linked by a serial interface, four wires, carrying power for the keypad and data/clock lines.

    I have very little information on the subsequent unit - after I left the system was altered to use a normal (non-membrane) keypad, different processor etc and it's possible that there were even later versions.

    If you have one of the membrane types, reply with more details of the fault and I'll try and tell you where to look.
  11. Speedwell

    Speedwell New Member

    Hi I have just seen this site and could do with some help.
    My daughter has just moved into an apartment with this Norweb smart heat storage heaters installed.
    I have had to install new heaters and also move the location of some of them, the old ones were u/s.
    I could do with a manual if you still have one as i need to reprogram the controller.
    Should this controller find new units installed automatically or do you have to tell it which circuit it is on.
    The receivers are apollo ones and some of them do not work i see that they have switches in them and they seem to have different settings for the heaters does the manual explain this.
  12. Speedwell

    Speedwell New Member

    Hi All sorry i forgot to add an address please send copy of manual to kws19515281@ntlworld.com.
    Regards Kevin
  13. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    Please can you send me a copy of the manual (or the original) to johnp045@msn.com

    Thankyou sir.
  14. homeless andy

    homeless andy New Member

    watcha spud gun.
    hello. chances are you're fed up with hearing about these controllers but I need to ask you for a copy of the manual please.

    I've got a friend of a friend who is an OAP and it turns out he's been struggling on with just one storage heater working and no hot water on a system that has one of these weird and wonderful controllers.

    he's a bit hard up and a bit proud so he's put up with it for a while.
    I'd like to help him - and i'm not going to charge him, but i would prefer to reprogram the controller rather than rip out bits of kit i've never seen before.
    he's got no idea where the MI are so I'm desperate for a copy.
    thanks, andy jones.
    (i've now learnt that underscores and hyphens are not a good mix).
  15. sparks-flying

    sparks-flying New Member

    Hi Spud Gun

    Could I please have a copy of this manual? It is the "membrane type keypad" that I have. I was quite surprised not to find a PDF copy on the web somewhere.

    e-mail is keith@postill.me.uk

    Thanks in advance.

  16. caldykex

    caldykex New Member

    Spud gun sorry to be a pain but any information to get the electratech operating correctly would be appreciated I have no manual and operate the equipment by manualy operating the control circuits. Regards- gcalderbank@tiscali.co.uk
  17. spud gun

    spud gun New Member

    email me blencathra2007@hotmail.co.uk I will send you a manual

    Please make a donation to a charity of your choice as this is a free service
  18. Hi spud i would very much appreciate if you could e-mail me this manual too, Ive an old lady with no heating. Thank you.
  19. Section2

    Section2 New Member

    I am using a spoon to operate the circuits underneath the membrane!

    We had a powercut a couple of days ago, and the room defitions got lost - need to find out how to reprogram the rooms.

    Basically, we had it on constantly for the last 2 years (not cheap!), because it was always displaying "Press Set Key to Cancel" and this blocked the circuits from comng back on, so we had to have the timers switched off, and the heaters on constantly.
  20. haggis101

    haggis101 New Member

    Hi there, I have tried this web-address but it didn't work. Have you got a phone number or other contact details for Jhn please?

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