Electric Heating - Ventilation - Condensation ?

Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by trying, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. trying

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    Small 47 sq meter 2nd floor flat in London - 50 flat block Built 1998.
    All electric , no gas possible.
    2 x 20 yr old original Creda storage heaters - lounge and bedroom - both have windows.

    The flat possibly wont be occupied 2-4 weeks in some months during the year. Because of this will probably be on standard tariff electric rather than economy 7.
    My worry is preventing water pipes freezing ( Kitchen, lounge and bedroom have an outside wall ) ; ventilation and protection from condensation / mould during these periods.

    The rest of the block, other flats / communal areas are very well heated 24/7 so we do benefit from this heat.

    We can leave windows slightly open ?

    Any advice please.
  2. Blimey, how cold does London get?

    Coupled with the fact it's in a block of heated flats, I'd have through the chances of a freezing pipe must be nigh-on zero.

    However, I wouldn't leave windows open 'cos that'll just cool things down - you want to trap any solar gain or any heat peculating through from the other flats. (By all means leave windows cracked on 'vent' in rooms without pipes if you want to keep them aired).

    There are plenty of electric heaters with adjustable 'stats, including plenty with a 'frost' setting. It only has to be capable of keeping your flat above, say, 5oC - the chances of it even trying to fall below than must be minimal.
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  3. trying

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    Yes you are right I dont think it does get cold in London but trying to avoid any ventilation/condensation problems. So great to hear no freezing pipes phew . The windows have got trickle vents and no clothes washing etc will be done in flat so hopefully not too problematical . Our idea when we are away was to turn all electric off at the mains.
  4. Hey, I ain't guaranteeing you won't have freezing pipes! But it must surely be highly unlikely.

    Why shut off the electricity?! Instead, shut off the mains water stopcock!

    If you don't have anything in the flat causing moisture, then you shouldn't have any noticeable condensation issues either. Having said that, there always is a movement of moisture to some degree, either from outside or from other flats. So you are right in that the best thing would be to leave windows on vent - that'll keep the flat 'aired', if cold.

    What sort of water system do you have? A hot cylinder which is heated by an immersion? Where does the cold water come from for this? Do you know where your cold mains incoming stopcock is?
  5. dobbie

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    If you are going to be turning off the electricity when away think about using a firm called Ebico.
    The actual rates are dearer but they have no standing charge on some tariff's.
    You would need to do some calculations to see if it will save you money and is worth it for you paying for what you actually use.
  6. trying

    trying Member

    Thank you
    Only two old storage heaters in flat but unlikely to be appropriate heat source for us as frequently away ; intend installing electric shower and possibly under cabinet water heaters . Ebico sounds interesting .
  7. Bob Rathbone

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    If the flat is not occupied, the chances of condensation are practically zero, no one breathing out moist breath, no one taking a shower or boiling the kettle. Keep the windows shut tight when the flat is empty.
  8. trying

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    Thanks for that windows tight shut when we are not there definately preferable.
  9. Joe95

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    Week before last was cold. I had eight call outs between the Friday and Saturday due to frozen pipework - two places it had thawed. Water pi**ing out and ceilings coming down.
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  10. Joe! You're back!

    (were you away?)

    Are you a London plumber?
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    I am indeed. Been a busy few months here!

    I'm not a plumber, I just seem to do a lot of plumbing!

    How are you keeping Dev?
  12. Doing good, thanks.

    Having 'fun' on here...not :oops:
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