Electric radiator immersion heater.

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  1. Pipdoc

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    I have a motorhome with a wet heating system and the only place to actually hang wet/damp things is a small (400mm X 700mm) conventional wet ladder wall hung radiator.
    I'd like to fit a heating element to the rad to avoid the need to have the full heating system on when all I want is just the small radiator.
    Will I be able to close the valve to stop the flow of fluid while I remove the blank from the top of the rad and insert the element?
    Apparently this system needs a pump to bleed it - I don't have the pump.
    Will any air that's introduced to the system be limited to just that rad?
    What size element should I fit? Watts or length of element would be good to know.

    I tried to upload a pic of the valve but it was rejected. I understand the valve is called a dual control domestic type.
    This link might work! https://photos.app.goo.gl/HMktUCZTq49vGRbp9
    Thanks folks.
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  2. Jimbo

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    If all the radiators have TRVs on them, maybe it could be easier to either manually turn the others off or replace them with smart TRV heads, so allowing heat on only this radiator when required..
  3. Pipdoc

    Pipdoc New Member

    This rad is the only conventional heating rad on the van. The rest of the van is heated with pipework that has fins and it's all hidden behind furniture/cupboards. There are several bleed points at various places in the van.
  4. Jimbo

    Jimbo Screwfix Select

    Gotcha. So the main thing is that the element must be completely submersed, so usually they are put in at the bottom pointing up, though this would mean draining down.

    Sizing wise it should be no more than the watt radiating of the towel rail. Find one similar sized to get an idea.
  5. Pipdoc

    Pipdoc New Member

    Ah I did wonder why the pics I've seen generally show the element at the bottom of the rad...makes sense now.
  6. The Teach

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    if that ladder towel heater has a capped off tapping/connection on the bottom left hand side (maybe there is currently a drain off fitted=european idea)

    A heater element could be fitted in that tapping,if it also needs to be a drain off fit a heater Tee aswell.

    Turn off the trv & removing the opposite horizontal nut will reveal the the lock shield valve which can be turned off. As there is a shelf underneath :( it may need towel heater to be temporally undone from its wall brackets to swing it out enough to insert the heater element & or a heater tee with a drain off.

    Preserving the fluid which could include anti freeze and inhibitor is the idea,get everything ready and 'snatch it' :cool:

    If small amount of water is lost from the system,top up with pressurised Sentinel X100 Rapid Dose Inhibitor or similar.

    plumbing :D
  7. Pipdoc

    Pipdoc New Member

    This'll be a great help.
    Many thanks.

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