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Discussion in 'Getting Started FAQ' started by Alan seretny, Dec 12, 2018.

  1. Alan seretny

    Alan seretny New Member

    hi, I have a number of thermostatic shower and one electric, when 2 or more showers on the electric goes cold, how can I sort this? will accumulator work in electric?
  2. Allsorts

    Allsorts Well-Known Member

    It would seem that your thermo shower is taking so much water that your leccy one is deprived so shuts down due to low water pressure. Does the leccy one have an LP light on it? Does the shower flow drop in an obvious way when the thermo shower is used?

    You'd ideally need a plumber to confirm all this - take pressure and flow readings and check there's no obvious things that can be tweaked in order for it to work (eg perhaps isolators could be fitted to the thermo showers and partially closed off to reduce their flow, or PRVs ditto), but if it turns out it is a case on inadequate mains supply, therm - yes - a mains accumulator should be able to sort this.

    There are two basic types, one with a pump and one without; the one with is for mains supplies with low pressure. If you have an ok pressure - say approaching 3bar or ideally above - then that should be ok on its own to fully 'charge' up an accumulator, and it will then release just about as much water as you could want at this pressure. (They are large tanks with a rubber diaphragm in t'middle).

    Onyhoo, tell us about how the leccy shower performs when a thermo shower is turned on.
  3. Alan seretny

    Alan seretny New Member

    Levy shower flow slows when 2 or more showers are on, low flow light comes on...Have new Uvc so mains is also feeding that, have full bore ISO’s where needed,
  4. Allsorts

    Allsorts Well-Known Member

    The supply from your UVC is only as good as the mains water supplying it, so that's the limiting factor.

    Any idea what your cold mains flow and pressure are? (Flow is usually quite easy to determine - place a container under the fastest cold tap - kitchen or garden - and turn it on full for 10 seconds. Times these litres x 6 for lpm.

    Pressure is also important as this is what the leccy shower 'needs' more than flow; they use little water (they are pants, aren't they?) but do need a decent steady pressure in order to keep that flow going and the unit switched on (it has a pressure switch inside). When you use your thermo showers, the great flow required for them makes the supplying pressure collapse, and this is seemingly what affects your leccy shower.

    If there's nothing that can be done to easily improve the mains F and P - say an improved mains supply pipe, or finding an issue somewhere like a partially closed valve - then an accumulator like the Challis CB250 or Grundfos/Salamander etc equivalents should fix this. But you'd need the room.

    They are ideally fitted in garages, tho' - would that be possible?

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