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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Averrcus, May 25, 2020.

  1. Averrcus

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    Hi, I have a Triton Enrich shower which stopped working after being used for just over a year. The light on the box on the ceiling turns on when I pull it but the light on the shower itself isn’t turning on and there is no water coming out. I can’t see anything wrong with the circuit under the cover (no burnt or damaged wires). Water from taps everywhere else in the house is working.

    Any advice is appreciated. Thank you.
  2. terrymac

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    The ceiling pull cord switch is a common problem. Have you had a look at the condition of the cables / connections at the switch ? Turn power off at fuseboard / consumer unit ,before working on the switch.
    Do you have a multimeter , or other testing equipment ?
  3. Comlec

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    If you have been using the ceiling switch regularly if is worth checking the terminals at the switch before suspecting the shower. These switches often fail if they are being used to switch the shower on and off.
  4. seneca

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    Check for loose or burnt connections inside the pull switch.
  5. Comlec

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    There you go, three of us in agreement!
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    Sorry Terry & Comlec, we were all typing at the same time!
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    I was just about to post exactly the same too but saw the update in time! :D
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    A certain new forum member may be along shortly to offer a more off beat opinion.
  9. Its common for the ceiling pull switch to either fail or have loose connections so that's the first thing any decent, experienced sparky would check.

    Before you break out the step ladder to check the switch, do turn off the electrical supply to the shower from the consumer unit and make sure you have in fact turned it off.

    There that's four of us in agreement, its also why I replaced my pull switch with a wall switch .....

  10. Averrcus

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    Thank you everyone for your suggestions, but unfortunately I’m not having any luck finding the problem.

    I turned off the house’s electricity and opened up the box on the ceiling in the bathroom and saw one of the wires looked rusty so I stripped it back a bit, then put everything back in place. Turned electricity back on. But I’m still having the same problem of light on the ceiling is on but shower’s light itself not lit up or working.

    I’ve opened up the shower’s box just to have a look too but haven’t done anything to it. I’ll include pictures of what I’ve done/ seen.

    I don’t have any testing equipment.

    Is there anything else I can check for? Thanks again for everyone’s replies.
    9977F872-F987-4219-BA9E-1629DBB0395C.jpeg B487FCDC-4E7C-40C1-A33F-A591244CEC07.jpeg 472C16C7-731A-40A0-876C-EB1020E2E8E3.jpeg 1EDA24EE-E977-467C-A6F7-155B481C5C24.jpeg
  11. Joe the Plumber

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    You really need to check if the electricity is getting to the shower, and that needs a proper voltage tester. If you're not sure, please get someone competent to look at it because 240 volts is potentially deadly.

    Screwfix do a cheap tester if you feel okay to check it yourself, part number 75337.

    It's probably still a faulty ceiling switch, but remember as well that that shower has a two year guarantee, as long as you registered it with Triton when it was fitted.
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  12. terrymac

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    The ceiling switches neutral terminal looks in very poor condition ,as well as the cable that came from it. I suspect the switch is your problem . Without any testing equipment ,you can't establish it is ,but for what the switches cost why not just replace it ?
    Can't see the condition of the live conductor that's disconnected ,but the other live in the switch doesn't look too good.
    Make sure all copper conductors are bright shiny copper before fitting into a new switch.
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  13. sparky steve

    sparky steve Screwfix Select

    Only viewing on my phone so pics not 100% clear. Is that a loose connection? 6E9F56B9-E6EF-4025-8B73-49CD2FBFA4D1.jpeg
  14. terrymac

    terrymac Screwfix Select

    Don't think so ,the terminals from the cut out are angled upward
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  15. The cables in the pull switch are in a terrible condition, if there's enough slack, cut them back to get to clean copper and fit into a new switch, the crabtree type already suggested is a good one, used them myself.

    Ideally you need to confirm power is reaching the shower unit itself using a tester, one that is safe to use, not a junk non contact type.

    If you can confirm power is present at the shower unit and the units under warranty, contact triton for a repair, you may have to wait a few days if they are sending out service engineers.

    Be aware that if no fault found, even under warranty, you could be charged a service fee, I was made aware of this when i had to book in a triton shower for a repair.

  16. seneca

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    +1 for the Crabtree switch Deleted member 11267, i've had one of those in my place for over 25 years and that includes having a wife and 3 daughters in the house!
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  17. Banallsheds

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    The problem with shower pull switches is that people turn them on and off several times a day wearing them out. That is not the idea, they are isolators and should be left on except when maintenance needs to be done to the shower.
    They are not necessary or even a requirement in the regs as isolation can be done at the CU when required.
  18. Comlec

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    No need to discuss this topic when you can watch the repeat here.
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    he did turn up eventually!
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