electric shower very low water output

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by chrissparky, Oct 20, 2009.

  1. chrissparky

    chrissparky New Member

    ihave been asked to look at an electric shower because the amount of water the shower is spraying has gone very low. not much more than a trickle. the water pressure in the bathroom seems fine. i don't know a lot about showers and was wondering if anyone could shed any light. it is an 8.5 kw shower aquatronic2 cheers
  2. Eye Squared R

    Eye Squared R Active Member

    It might be worth ensuring that the head isn't clogged and simply in need of a De-fur? Beyond that the most likely cause (in a hard water area) is that the innards are clogged up with lime/calcium deposits. If outside warranty period then I would replace it as piece-part-spares are exorbitantly priced.
  3. chrissparky

    chrissparky New Member

    thanks, the head and hose seem fine. the shower is not that new so that seems likely.
  4. Macbeth

    Macbeth New Member

    Assuming the actual water pressure in their mains hasn't changed, is the reduced water flow from the shower a sudden change? If so, that would suggest (but not definitely) a faulty component - the control valve or similar. If gradual, perhaps a general furring up of the insides and/or inlet filter.

    It's up to you how far you want to go with a repair. It would certainly be worth checking and cleaning the inlet filter which it is very likely to have - does the customer have instructions with it? If not, you're bound to find it on t'net.

    Most showers can actually be very simple to repair - the parts inside are in a few separate component blocks and each can cost surprisingly little to buy (applies to Mira at least...) This can sometimes be worth doing if the newer replacement model has a different footprint and would need tiles cut/replaced, re-routing of pipes etc. However, if it is a hard water area, good chance the insides aren't worth keeping.

    Failing this, a swap is likely to be the best solution as said above - the customer will end up with a brand new machine with nothing left to go faulty a month down the line. With some makes you can get a back 'box' extension for the new shower which will allow re-routing of pipes and cable to take place behind it without having to cut into the tiles. Obviously it won't look as tidy as the shower will be 'deeper'.

    Options to give the customer?
  5. Charred Sparky

    Charred Sparky New Member

    Hi Chriss sparky,
    If it's not any furring up or similar then take the cover off and have a look. It's not rocket science just a pressure switch, heat exchanger and some form of thermostat usually.
  6. chrissparky

    chrissparky New Member

    thanks everyone! very helpfull
  7. You could take it off the wall, turn upside down and fill it with kettle descaler (actually I use brick cleaner in mine it's mighty fast but I wouldn't recommend that for my customers!) and see what happens - plenty of froth means plenty of scale.
  8. wally2

    wally2 New Member

    Try the following. Remove the spray head from the hose, is there now a good flow, if so the head is blocked up. Has anyone done any plumbing work anywhere & not turned the stop valve on fully. Most showers have some sort of fine filter (on the inlet connection to the shower) to stop muck getting into shower, its best to check this. I have found that if the shower is older than 7 years they are just not worth repairing. I tried to tell this to a customer only 2 weeks ago but she preffered me to get a new part (solenoid valve at £35) . Fitted it & that worked fine but it leaked in another bit, ended up fitting a new shower.

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