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    I have a small bathroom in which I will be laying underfloor heating. The floor is concreate. I see the insulation backer boards with fibreglass covering are very expensive. The uncovered foam boards are less than half price and state they can be used for electric heating. Does anyone have experience using this less expensive insualtion for a heated ceramic tiled bathroom floor ?
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    I can only speak as a non tiler but I did my own kitchen with electric underfloor heating onto a concrete floor. I acrylic primed the floor then put a layer of levelling compound down. Let it dry then primed again. Then I got some blue insulation boards. They were called XPS or XP Pro or something similar and about 12mm thick. Stuck them down with tile adhesive. Then primed the boards and layed the electric mat and the thermostat probe. Stuck the mat down with a bit of gaffer tape in places. Then more levelling compound to cover the mat and then tiled. Really pleased with the results.

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    The boards you mention do no appear to have a fiber glass coating so are similar to less expensive boards that I have seen and even some under £2.40 on eBAY. Sounds like you used went beyond standard process by adding two layers of levelling compound. Thanks for your input

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