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  1. brad hudson

    brad hudson New Member

    Good evening guys,

    I am on board a ship which only has 115v sockets.

    I have a stereo that is 240v plug

    what transformer do I need from screw fix to be able to use my stereo??

    King Regards

  2. brad hudson

    brad hudson New Member

    That doesn't even help.....
  3. AnotherTopJob

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  4. The Happy Builder

    The Happy Builder Active Member

    Have you checked the label on the stereo to see what voltages it will run off?
  5. Bob Rathbone

    Bob Rathbone Screwfix Select

    You need to look as a US site, they will probably list a suitable adapter. Or even E Bay.
  6. Banallsheds

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  7. Wayners

    Wayners Screwfix Select

    Rechargeable batteries and a charger that will run on 115v.
    Use that with radio.
    Just a note that some items will run on both 115v and 240v. Toothbrush, shaver, and maybe your radio. Look at radio small print on it or instructions. Batteries will be safer. Using transformer might cause trouble
  8. Bazza

    Bazza Screwfix Select

    Have you done this yet?

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