Electrician - career path explained

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by zsoltimatrix, Feb 13, 2011.

  1. zsoltimatrix

    zsoltimatrix New Member

    Hi all,

    If you don`t really know where to start or don`t know what is going on  with the new qualifications available (C&G 2357) than you need to  look at this article:

    Electrician - career path explained
  2. zsoltimatrix

    zsoltimatrix New Member

    Does anybody knows anything like this for gas?
  3. stateit

    stateit Screwfix Select

    Sparky's career path...

    Getting qualified ? working for peanuts learning the ropes.

    Qualified and you go out into the big wide world ? working for peanuts as an employee.


    Qualified and go self-employed ? spend the first few years not getting enough work and underpricing what you do get. Working for peanuts.

    Get a bit more confident and get chatted to by builders who you start working for. Get paid late or never by them. Find out they're cowboy scum and dissassociate yourself from them. Working for peanuts.

    Find contracts for larger jobs and think you've made it bigger. Get ripped off, along with all the other trades, by the property developers. Working for peanuts.

    Kids don't recognise you 'cos you never see them. Missus divorces you and takes half. Dog growls at you.

    Go back to 'little old lady' jobs adding extra sockets, changing lamps and resetting RCDs.
    Get poisoned by stale biscuits and rancid milk in ****-poor tea. Working for peanuts.

    Bank repossess house.

    It's a great life being a sparky... ;)
  4. simonrowland

    simonrowland New Member

    see you on top of the carpark roof
  5. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    The only career path nowadays has to be in politics.

    Leave school at 16. On the dole or working> Get ripped off

    Stay on till 18. Go to University> Get ripped off

    Leave University. Go into politics> get ripped off

    Work your way up in politics, get elected to local council> start learning how to rip people off. (accept all bribes and brown envelopes)

    Get elected to Parliament. Rip people off Big Time (accept all bribes and brown envelopes)
    Fiddle  expenses and tax returns. Switch houses at every opportunity (second, third, fourth homes etc)
    Sub let your house/flat whilst living somewhere else,( and claiming the house/flat as your main residence)

    The world's your oyster.

    Leave or retire from politics. Write a book, join the after dinner speech club. Earn millions. Your still ripping people off. ;)

    OR. get moved up to the House of Lords. Fiddle expenses whilst falling asleep. Rip everyone off.

    Get elected to the European Parliament.!! Even better, you can now rip all Europeans off. No need to fiddle expenses as there's no checks on them. Just claim for everything.
    Youv'e got it made.
    Relax on family yacht in the Med.
  6. Adam Amp

    Adam Amp New Member

  7. zsoltimatrix

    zsoltimatrix New Member

    Sad.. but thrue!
  8. iselectricityblue?

    iselectricityblue? New Member

    that's brilliant, i've just reached 'the big job' stage where i'm promised the earth on a large cotract that means i'll be retireing at 40, but infact will probably be under-cut and ringing up my old customers to see if anyone's 'security light is'nt working properly' ???
  9. pearcy

    pearcy New Member

    i think if ya got any sense ya try and adapt your field into other areas cos everyone wants to be a sparky and are undercutting everyone... i have done it recently and hav,nt looked back ...
    years ago a sparky was a must have position but not now ,part p and 5 days has killed the trade .... plumbers seem to be calling the shots at the moment ,, probably cos they can nick a few quid from there materal list  .... good luck fellas....
  10. Lokkars Daisy

    Lokkars Daisy New Member

    COn COUR  CruX
  11. mariatablo

    mariatablo New Member

    Very helpful. Thank you!
  12. mariatablo

    mariatablo New Member

    Just one suggestion: you don`t have to be JIB registered to work as a self employed contractor. JIB card will help ofcourse but not a must.
  13. crackedwolf

    crackedwolf New Member

    Become a tiler!
    No paper work
    No testing

    £45 a square meter

    That's my advise!   :)  
  14. fooman

    fooman New Member

    like yourself crackedwolf you mean ?  
  15. proper spark

    proper spark Guest

    It?s quite simple really. If you loose your jobs from whatever area of work you come from and for whatever reason suddenly decide you want to become an electrician, then that?s it. You are. Just place a simple add in local paper and go round with out a clue at all what your actually doing charging what ever you feel right. Don't worry about over charging and only dealing in cash its the way forward. It doesn?t matter about insurance, qualifications, being registered or experience as no one cares and certainly isn?t going to come after you as it costs money. Even if anyone does there?s no proof as no quote or cert given. The government don?t care, as we need a few more hundred people to fry each day for it to become a problem in their eyes. None of the governing bodies care as they?re only interested in moneymaking and being paid fat salaries their selves. But don't loose any sleep over your bodged work as a proper electrician we cone come along one day and have to correct yours before he can carry out his. But its ok cause he will get his peanuts at the end of the month.
  16. david.mike

    david.mike New Member

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  17. Captain Leaky

    Captain Leaky New Member

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