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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by FF needs help, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. *welsh.wizard*

    *welsh.wizard* New Member

    So you should be JP. (Proud that is) - don't let certain people on here, pursade you otherwise.
  2. fooman

    fooman New Member

    Tell us BAS what colour and nationality
    are you ??

    Unless you're a racist, what on earth is the

    Now we know what your problem is ;)
  3. cliffy brown

    cliffy brown New Member

    Oooh! look who has just crept out from under a stone.

    well you did take my house ray
  4. *welsh.wizard*

    *welsh.wizard* New Member

    BAS - Let this accusation of accusing people of being racist, drop.
  5. cliffy brown

    cliffy brown New Member

    Rabbit - Let this accusation of accusing people of being
    pedos, drop.
  6. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

  7. young_spark

    young_spark New Member

    BAS, give it a rest for once.
  8. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

  9. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

  10. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

    Perhaps you should ask the racists to give it a rest for once.
  11. eco

    eco Member

    I did a fast-track course.
    It was ******** as preparation for the real job and noone (including the teachers) likes you for doing it.
    The 2330 path is unquestionably better.
    That said, I was in a position to earn proper money in 9 months (although with the help of mates in the trade and having a Physics degree didn't hurt).
    If your desperate for money and know how to wire a house, go fastrack. Otherwise go 2330.
    Good luck,

    LOW VOLTAGE New Member

    Please enter email address and I will snd you a contact telephone number and point you in the right direction, never mind those who **** you off.

    We all started somewhere.
  13. sparkin!

    sparkin! New Member

    Eco, out of interest, what did you make annually, with the degree?:)
  14. eco

    eco Member

    Theonly time I ever used the degree was a as a secondary teacher - So not much - but the holidays were good!
  15. davetheglitz

    davetheglitz New Member

    I came from an engineering background - via being a secondary science teacher - to being a sparky at age 50. I did it via the 2381 and 2391 - college were prepared for me to pay for 2391 and just do the exam for 2381 - cheapest option as had no income - 8 weeks nightschool total. If you are academically orientated you will pass as exam technique gets you a long way. The difficulty is to find someone who will employ you as there is in a defensive belief that academic people have no practical skills! I have been working as a sparky now for 10 months - and it's the best job I've ever had! Hope you find the course you are looking for.
  16. sparkin!

    sparkin! New Member

    ECO, YOU should of made a lot more!
    one, out of four??????????
  17. Spankin!

    Is this, private tutorage or what mate
    Let us in, on the secret,dude

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