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  1. graceland

    graceland New Member

    Want to put a shower pump in. Where is the BEST place to take the hot and cold feeds from? I assume the cold from the bottom of the cold water storage tank (which'll mean draining it and cutting new hole?) but what about hot. Can I just tee into the hot feed somewhere that comes from top of cylinder or does it have to be from a flange directly from the cylinder?
    Thanks chaps
  2. tom.plum

    tom.plum Screwfix Select

    hello elvis, how you liking the chipshop work,
    anyrode,  yes cold from the cold water storage, if its less than a 50 gallon tank, you'll need to replace it or add another tank, or the pump will pull all the water out and keep airlocking, for the hot, i just tee into the hot water draw off as close to the cylinder as possible, i've never had a problem with this, but the pump manufactures allways state to use a flange,
  3. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    tommybouy dont listen to the manufacturers, you shouldnt either.
    they want you to fit a flange just so they can exempt themselves of any issues you encounter.
    fit it properly and no probs.
    get cold feed from hole drilled below hole feeding DHWC, better to get from opposite end if practical.  tompump will tell you how its done.  i have to go to bed now as my shift in ASDAS starts at 3am.

    BTW, what with Elvis?  whats de dead un got to do wiv your post?
  4. Dreadnaught Heating

    Dreadnaught Heating New Member

    Q).BTW, what with Elvis?  whats de dead un got to do wiv your post?

    A). Palava, Elvis's gaff was called 'graceland'......

    finding it hard to beleive I am on here on a saturday evening bothering to answer....

  5. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    Thanks for thay DH
    xplains why dem TSP's keep calling him Elvis
  6. wetpants

    wetpants New Member

    Aye up DH, hope that hegirl PP sees some of Pav the pervs posts he/she might not want to be so pally/girly?
  7. graceland

    graceland New Member

    Thanks for all the replies, Tom and Palava etc. Tried to title the post 'shower pump' then 'pump' but it kept coming up with 'there is already a post with this title' to almost everything I tried. Hence I just called it Elvis lol. Yes the connection is Elvis' gaff is called Graceland. Ive been there on a trip to Memphis. Great town, BB KIngs blues bar is brilliant in Beale St.
    I thought you could tee into the hot near the cylinder as Ive seen it done a few times before but was also told it must come from a flange etc. Guy must have been a 'stickler'!
  8. graceland

    graceland New Member

    Tom, the pump is to power a bath tap mixer with shower attached, just running off gravity at mo. When the hot and cold comes OUT of the pump, are they then connected to ONLY the hot and cold feed to the two taps of the bath? I dont want to pump hot and cold water to all the other taps you see. They may be hard to get to as under floor I think. If I cut into the hot and cold feeds to the bath taps and connect to the outlets from the pump, do I cap off the end where Ive cut or would it suffice to just tee into the hot and cold feeds and connect the outlets from the pump? Not sure Ive explained it that well? Thanks
  9. graceland

    graceland New Member

    If you just tee in somewhere near the hot feed from the cylinder without specifying a particular pipe (ie the one to the bath), will it give pumped hot water to all hot taps and outlets?
  10. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Member

    Elv, I think the plumbers above^ were suggesting a tee off the hot coming out the top of the cyclinder and then feeding this ONLY to the pump and hence to the shower. Therefore, only the shower would be doing the pumping business.

    Tbh, for a bath-mounted shower, just shove the pump under the bath and fit it in the existing supplies to the mixer tap. There are single-impeller pumps that can work on the output of the mixer, but - hey - keep it simple, eh?

    Then, what do I know - I'm only a clever girl.
  11. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    graceland, TBH, if I were you, I'd stick to boiler servicing (tomplum rang me, moaning that I should not encourage you to do plumbing jobs as you may have ''issues''?).

    Looks as if he had a point
  12. graceland

    graceland New Member

    Yes good idea PP, although woud there be an electricity issue, powering a pump under the bath?
    Thanks palava man. I thought you said you weren't even a plumber?
  13. palavaman

    palavaman Well-Known Member

    i am not.
    graceland M8tty, i've just read all my replies on this your thread and cant find where i said i woz a plumber?
    i thought anyone woz allowed to contribute, NO????
  14. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Member

    Elv, would there be an electricity issue? Yes there would - you would need to supply electricity. And fit an RCD.

    Just how powerful a shower do you want? If you really want a 'power'-shower - one than blasts you and gives you a massage and splashes all over the bathroom floor and ceiling (what type of shower screen do you have...), then do it properly and take dedicated feeds from the CWS and tank. And yes, fit a flange (whatever the 'ell that is) since you want - and are paying - to have it done proper, like.

    If, however, you are merely looking for a decent, solid improvement 'cos the gravity ain't doing it for you, then KISS. And shove a twin-impeller, single motor shower pump whereever the two tap feeds are close to eachother. Ie, under the bath.

    Bear in mind shower pumps can be noisy and also - powerful.
  15. wetpants

    wetpants New Member

    Oh and fit a flange(whatever that is) ***, Its a * laff on ere., maybe at the same time you could also fit a Bell End(whatever...................)

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  16. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Member

    Wetpants. I am pleased you are amused. Clearly it doesn't take much, though, judging by the number of 'lols' peppering your posts.

    What else do you have to contribute?

    Hmm, I didn't think so.
  17. wetpants

    wetpants New Member

    You and Pav the perv are not Plumbers as you boringly keep stating, so therefore why dont you both *, after all...............This is a PLUMBERS PLUMBERS Forum.  Do you come on here to big yerself up as wannabes. More lols

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  18. Pink Panther

    Pink Panther Member

    Soz for the delay in replying. But I was rolling on the floor laughing bits of myself off.

    I am not a plumber. How many times do I have to tell you?
  19. wetpants

    wetpants New Member

    As G Brown has stated, this is a Dafty Diyers site now especially now you and Pav the perv are on it, back to skool Pink End or google what an Essex Flange looks like.

    Btw dont forget to pick up all those FAT bits you left on the floor after ROLLING around. Next time you do it, your thick head might become detached. More lols
  20. Pink Panther

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    Look. I am NOT a plumber. Get it?

    I'm a dafty, girlie, DIYer.


    But, hey, just compare our relative contributions to this thread^ (amongst others).

    Aw, bless, he's stopped LOLing.  At his own non-jokes.

    (He said 'Essex'! Giggle.)

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