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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by Hombrey, Nov 27, 2006.

  1. Hombrey

    Hombrey New Member

    does anybody follow guidelines for energy saving lamps when doing rewires and refurb work? I havnt up to now, i fit whatever customer wants (normally recessed spots everywhere) but maybe should be following guidelines. I havnt been pulled by building inspectors over this yet. I think guidelines have been published this year, anybody know if they are with immediate effect?
  2. fooman

    fooman New Member

    i did a complete new build with 36 downlights in. Not an energy saving lamp to be found. Building inspector signed the whole project off and so did the man from the NHBC :)
  3. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

    Remember they are only guidelines, not legally enforceable.

    It would be good if you could, as much as possible, fit luminaires that will happily take CFLs, and indeed leave them with those types of lamps in, but you and your customers cannot be compelled to fit luminaires that will only accept fluorescent lamps.

    Not yet, anyway....
  4. stumpy987

    stumpy987 New Member

    You could buy low wattage downlights,
    just as much light only 11 watts
  5. Hombrey

    Hombrey New Member

    Since finding this forum, and reading through many interesting posts, I have found that Part P is a sensitive subject and any mention of it can send a thread into treble figures regarding electricians being registered/competent and the merits/pitfalls of its introduction. To my understanding partP introduces BS7671 as a standard into the building regs and also ensures all electrical work complies with all the other relevant parts of the building regs. Is my understanding wrong, or is it only a matter of time before we will get picked up on the likes of energy efficient lighting (part L)Surely by self certifying our work we are saying that all the relevent approved documents have been complied with. A lot of information to keep up to date with I think, especially added to bs7671
  6. 2 wheeled ant

    2 wheeled ant New Member

    To comply with part L a normal 3 bed house just needs 2 energy eff lights.
  7. markysparky

    markysparky New Member

  8. markysparky

    markysparky New Member

    Has anyone ever seen the energy saving bulbholders which are always in new builds? The ones with the 3 offset pins which can only take the EE bulbs which nobody appears to sell.

    Waste of bloomin installing them if nobody sells the bulbs!
  9. Cronos

    Cronos New Member

    You could buy low wattage downlights,
    just as much light only 11 watts

    **** those they bang like a sh1thouse door.
  10. ban-all-sheds

    ban-all-sheds New Member

    If you've read lots of posts here, surely you must have read at least one of the many that point out that ADs give advice and guidance, and are not mandatory?

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