Engineered flooring problem gaps between joints urgent advice needed!

Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by DenisJ, Nov 21, 2016.

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    What do you mean by that you little git :p:p:p
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    To my mind there is nothing wrong with the product and at the time of fitting nothing wrong with the fitting. What has happened is the pieces have shrunk in their length which is far more noticeable, in fact hardly noticeable at all in their width. I have seen this happen before and it is usually because the customer wants the floor down before the boards have become fully acclimatised to their new location. As someone has pointed out, leaving them in the room shrink wrapped is as good as useless, the only practical, but impractical way is to leave the boards fully unwrapped and spread out for three or four weeks at least. This can result in warping of some boards unless weighted etc so you are in a catch 22. As someone else has said, if you can get a jemmy in at the end of the run of birds where they meet the wall after removing the skirting you can lever and slide up the boards to close the gaps but only in a fairly narrow room and not of course with glued boards.
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    Thanks a lot for all who really tried to help me, best of luck!!!
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    Now I remember why I don't fit flooring! :p:p:p

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