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  1. Del2000

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    I’m replacing laminate flooring in hall and full down stairs. Laying hall first as it runs in a different direction. Under the existing laminate I had 3mm foam on top of plywood nailed to existing floorboards. When laying the new Engineered flooring should I keep the foam underlay? Also I’m not planing on having a floating floor. The flooring is 14mm thick tongue and groove what’s the best way to fix flooring down either stapler, Porta Nailer or lost-tile screws?
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    If you are fixing down lose the underlay and fix directly to the ply ( assuming ply is suitably fixed to original floor ). Fixing method depends on what equipment you have, all are valid choices, the tongue tite screws only require a drill driver which most anyone attempting this kind of job will almost certainly have, staples or porta nailer require specialist equipment to be hired or purchased, your call.
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  3. Del2000

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    Thanks the floor in hall not completely level. You would recommend not using an underlay if fixing floor to plywood?
    I read that porta nailer is for hard wood flooring and stapler for engineered flooring is this correct? I think it might be easier hiring a porta nailer.

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