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  1. Agree, its equal (as far as is possible) opportunity.

    Which means avoiding lumping people into 1 basket, or another.

    Individuals and individuality
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    Ive been trying to get 20 to 30yr old females to work for me for ages, no takers tho, mind you think asking for 36c chest in my job requirement put most off
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    They can see that your not really aiming for the top with such small expectations. :D:D
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    Are you a Daily Mail reader by any chance?
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    Are you trying to discredit his opinion with that question?
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    Do you think the legal challenge these check-out girls are pushing has a leg to stand on?
    I reckon the lawyers involved will be legless on expensive campaign at the weekend, either way.
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    Not if the interview I saw on the news tonight was anything to go by. "why shouldn't we get the same pay as the men we're working shoulder to shoulder with"?
    Interviewer: "but you're not working 'shoulder to shoulder' with them"
    Woman: "metaphorically speaking we are, we all work for Tesco".

    On that basis she should put a claim in for the same money as the chief exec.
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  9. I don't know. I have not looked into it.

    It appears to be based around the claim that a shelf stacker in a shop does similar work to a warehouse worker.

    On that basis it does have some merit.

    Right or wrong, depends on a point of view. But why should retail workers be worth less than a warehouse worker is the question. There is a possibility they are worth more.
  10. Pollowick

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    A warehouse worker is in a higher risk environment and there will be forklifts operating, as an example. There is a lot more responsibility in operating a forklift of any sort than pushing a small cage around. There will be responsible for teh loading and weight restrictions on racks - I doubt if shelf stacker would be.

    Do those lawyers really think that Tesco would not have evaluated the roles correctly? They will be trying it on and taking a nice pay-off from someone - I wonder if people realise how much of a risk there is in brnging that action. Who is funding it?
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    Pay a 4 billion pound bill for breaking equality regulations?


    4 billion!!!! = innocence!
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    On that basis, then taxi drivers should be on a par with lorry drivers, who should also be on a par with train drivers, who in turn, should be on a par with airline pilots ? Would you agree that all footballers should be on the same wage as Ronaldo or Messi ? After all, they too play for 90 minutes a week ( if they’re lucky or not)
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  13. I didnt express any support, or other, over the subject.

    But, in the same company, do you not think there is some merit to the point?

    Or do you think every nurse should be paid differently, depending on how many patients they see in a day maybe?
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    Perhaps then , nurses should be on a par with Jeremy Hunt? ( and be entitled to expenses for daily living and travel?)
    Perhaps the cleaners at Tesco should be paid the same as their Chief Executive? After all they both work for the same company ?
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    I blame Emmeline Pankhurst :confused:
  16. facilities

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    This is just the type of topic D A would like to get his teeth into.

    Anyone visited him yet ? :rolleyes:
  17. Getting silly jj?

    The idea is similar jobs, not just the same company etc.

    Or do you not agree with equality? Maybe that is the issue.

    I don't understand why you have such a block against equality. This case hasn't been proven to have any legs yet, it might not go very far. But does the principal have any meaning or not? To me it is an idea to be explored. 1 way or the other doesn't really matter to me, until the details are exposed more.

    As Pollowick said, it will be a big case, expensive. Somebody with money is backing it. Who, and what is their interest in it is the real question that needs answering.
  18. joinerjohn1

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    Jack, it was you who first mentioned working for the same company. I have no issue with "equality" in the workplace. I do however have issues with some people's ideas of what constitutes "work of equal value"
    That will be the lawyers (such as Cherie Blair, whom I understand is one such lawyer who loves "equality) Their interest in it is probably limited to the amount of money they can make out of such a case (nothing to actually do with "equality" , but all to do with lucre.
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