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  1. pmsl. seriously. hilarious!
  2. Yawn - I do it when they give me cause.

    That this happens a lot is, well, down to y'utangs.
  3. Since you maintain a wish to make amends, Facs, a wee question for you; do the responses to your lark (before we knew it to be such) show the 4 Remainers on here in a bad or good light?
  4. I'd hate you to be me too, Filly.

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  5. facilities

    facilities Guest

    DA I’ll check over the posting and come back to you on this, just chomping on me bacon butty then gotta get to town, just got time to put a quick post on “things that really cheer you”
  6. facilities

    facilities Guest

    Well DA just got back in and had a look, I thought I had to be reasonably careful with your seemingly innocuous enquiry as It had whiff of entrapment about it.

    I don’t think there is anything to comment about really cos the timescale from posting the now infamous post and my tipping a few people off was hours rather than days.

    However you raise an interesting question, all the forum is aware that the Remoaners stick together like the proverbial to a blanket and back each other up no matter how ridiculous and laughable any of their posts may be,

    Whereas from what I can see the Brexiteers do have a mind of there own and if they disagree with each other they are not afraid to say so, this means that a meaningful debate can be carried out on this forum so long as the Remoaners keep out of it

    That’s all really, except when looking over the posts (post slappergate) I have actually given you a couple of likes and am not afraid to admit it on here in front of the Brexiteers, cos that’s the way we are.

    And another thing I need to mention, our Belgium friend has been at it and I completely missed it until a few minutes ago, post 300 there it is for all to see, it seems he thinks it ok to engage in violence in the marital bedroom, (he calls it a bit of rough and tumble) this has connotations of not only wife beating but perhaps with a sexual element which I find quite disgusting and I would not like to think that my wife or daughters would see a post such as that being submitted by myself, but as I explained above I fully expect you to endorse his comments

    That’s it I’m of to the pub now :)
  7. Did you manage to keep a straight face whilst typing that, Facs?! (You haven't taken on JJ as your advisor, have you?)

    By the way, no attempt entrapment at all. A perfectly honestly intended Q - did our condemnation of your behaviour see us in a good light or not?

    No need to answer - we both know.
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  8. Ok ive returned. I don't understand why a long weekend every month surprises so many (only brexiteers i notice). I learnt long ago that my business works for me, not the other way around. Yes i have fitted an odd cat flap, but i do lots of bigger stuff. You would be amazed how often, and how well I earn simply following tradesmen around correcting shoddy work, or re doing their work. Lots of snagging on new houses and after repairs. I work, so I enjoy life. You want to spend yours in 'spoons or with a bottle by yourself, feel free.

    My next weekend is booked, a city break and 2 shows, in the uk.
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  9. There is NOTHING wrong with t'Spoons! :)

    Well, one thing...
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  10. Facs, i have not got time to post in detail to your latest ramblings. Your comments cannot be serious? That is a direct question too.

    DA was not totally exact in his comments, but was close enough for me to say its close to my comments, so read them and try and understand them.

    You still try to convince people that you didn't lie about brexiteers involvement, but admit to deceit over it. So deceitful is better than dishonest in your book ? I just add deceitful to your dishonesty.

    So, lets get to another direct question. What was THE PURPOSE of the wind up? We all know (do we? We just have your word, that now is proven to mean nothing) it was a wind up, but you then advised a few that it was so. Why DA I ask? We all know why you advised the brexiteers, so they didn't have to admit their support for wifebeating and bullying. Even then they had to say how easy it was to see it was a windup. Which, with hindsight shows them up as the sheep they are. The purpose was to get me and others to throw insults at you ? You failed then, didn't you. Doing it the way you tried was nothing more than an attempt at cyber bullying wasn't it!

    Unless you can prove a different purpose? But remember I don't believe a word you say anymore. That makes you pretty low in the world, don't you think.

    I disagreed with DA, but you think we all stick together and the brexiteers have open minds. So I add wilfully blind to the list of you.

    Dishonest, deceitful, blind, sheeplike, cyber bully. Need any more honesty?

  11. I agree, for an occasional visit, or breakfast. But as the highlight of your life ?
  12. (He's still teasing. His life ain't that exciting...)

    Anyhoo, what if it's the highlight of your life... :-(

  13. Then, isn't his life exciting :eek:
  14. facilities

    facilities Guest

    The charge sheet is impressive and growing by the minute, how do you plead Facs,

    not guilty M’lud and I am citing the obvious mental instability of the chief witness, which was aggravated by the referendum result, I can also prove my whereabouts when JFK was shot & Lord Lucan disappeared

    And further I claim the 5th amendment from here on in :p
  15. Not so fast, Sonny... :rolleyes:

    Facs, these stories about your 'prank' played at the expense of the 'somewhat mature' lady in your office, was that true? These non-PC 'jokes' you told your wee grandchild that got her in to trouble (that was you, wasn't it?) and so upset your daughter - was that all true?

  16. Lightly humorous.

    Let me clarify my thoughts about you further.

    Compared to jj for example (jj, this is no attack on you, just used you as a comparison), you are blind and dishonest. Jj doesn't look at the full picture often ( in my opinion), but he speaks honestly (what he sees as the truth). Thats the difference. I believe jj even though I disagree.

    Facs, you are lower than that ! The fact you are an ardent brexiteer should surprise nobody.

  17. But he is not a bully, see. Or dishonest. Can't believe a word can you.
  18. facilities

    facilities Guest

    Fantastic fresh from his tour of Europe and back together again! Yes you’ve guessed it the one the only Laurel &Hardy show is on the road again

    Can yer guess where I am yet? ;)
  19. facilities

    facilities Guest

    JJ be very careful Jack appears to be trying to curry favour with your good self, I smell a rat

    DA I will deal with you shortly when I’ve read God’s own :rolleyes:

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