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  1. Are you really trying to be awkward rather than understand a viewpoint.

    You compared nurses to hunt.

    I compared warehouse workers to shop workers, in the same company.

    So then you compare those workers to the chief executive. Obviously there is a different level of job there, so why compare them?

    Is there, or is there not a question to be asked (and therefore answered) over what constitutes equal levels of job/work? Then you have to understand what type of person (and why), certain types of people (and sexes), is limited/has choices over what work they can do, and why.

    Or maybe you like the idea of certain people being less equal than others? Women should earn less because they dont work in a warehouse like men. That smacks of a type of person and beliefs we all know you dislike/hate.

    I don't think you realise how close to some beliefs you appear to be.
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  2. Now I don't see that example as an equality issue.

    That is marketing, exploiting the fact that men are less likely to buy cards, so the price is pitched to tempt more.

    But gullible? Not how I see it.

    I actually like women, they fall into broad categories that I like, dislike and/or hate. Just like men. Generally they are just as clever, stupid, able/unable as men.
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    Equality there's a word that can be used to your own end.

    Women want equal rights and pay, fair enough if they are doing the exact same job.

    But Equality doesn't work like that does it, I mean if you're 16 you are paid less then somebody who is 18, who in turn is paid less than somebody who is 21, but you are all doing the exact same job.??
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    Was thinking the same thing.
    A warehouse supermarket worker for instance has to unload and stack stuff from an artic, nearly always using those tall steel cages. The shopfloor worker in the supermarket has to unload those same steel cages onto the shelf for us to buy. But that same shopfloor worker also has to deal with the public, be able to operate a till and handle cash, cards ect. They should in my opinion be paid more than warehouse staff, they have a wider set of skills that are used by the supermarket and are actually worth more to the supermarket. Of course though, most shopfloor staff in a supermarket are women....................so that will never do paying them more than the warehouse workers, who are mainly men............would it.
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    If you can do the job to the standard required, you should be paid what it's worth, simple as that. Irrelevant of gender, I would favour and far rather pay more to an 18 year old green, inexperienced grafter who's reliable and gets up in the morning than a bone idle, "I've been doing this for 30years", sly, bad attitude 50 year old whining gimp who stops for a cigarette break every 45minutes and is limited on the physical scale due to "a bad back." Provided they do the same job, obviously.

    I think a fair amount of vocations could do with a 'pro rata' approach to workplace productivity, similarly people need an incentive to get motivated in the first place (usually keeping a roof over their head is top of the list.)

    I appreciate I'm on about building now, but still, Persimmon homes used to operate a bonus scheme with their workforce when they were employing direct labour, say for arguments sake £400 a week was guaranteed to you as a basic wage, then once you'd hit certain targets anything you did over that was part of the bonus scheme, so the workforce had a real incentive to work hard to reap the benefits. Or not, it they just wanted to plod on.

    In my humble opinion, a return to these sort of schemes and incentives where possible in certain jobs would be far more beneficial than the current divide, pay disputes and bad feelings created from job position envy, ability and work ethic, irrespective of gender.
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    Jack, pray tell me how someone operating a supermarket till or stacking the shelves, can be compared to someone operating a fork lift truck, emptying trailers and placing pallets on warehouse racking. Then lifting pallets down again for distribution in store. Do you think Tesco only employ males to work in warehousing? It is two differing jobs, therefore no direct comparison can nor should be made.

    Getting back to nurses V Hunt,, who do you think does the more worthwhile job? Or the job that deserves better pay? As I said earlier , nurses should also be allowed daily living expenses and travel allowance. Perhaps all workers should be allowed these things? Hunt is actually paid a generous wage, same as me or you, why exactly does he need the allowances? ( or is an MP’s job just not worth it without them? Wouldn’t want em paying for things out of their own pocket now,, would we. )
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    There is a system were everyone is paid the same?

    It's called communism!!
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    You know I think some of us are actually starting to miss the ole devil! :)
    I wonder if he's allowed to lurk over the forum?
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  9. A sign of an open mind.

  10. I think you are missing the point(s), deliberately or not is the question.

  11. I think that is where jj is getting mixed up, over equality of pay for same/similar jobs and everyone getting paid the same regardless.

  12. That is like saying a mental health nurse cannot be compared to palliative care nurse, compared to a normal ward nurse. All completely different jobs requiring different skills.

  13. That sums up to equal opportunity. Obviously not possible in all environments, but where possible it avoids any pay issues.
  14. chippie244

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    Probably :)
  15. chippie244

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    They tend to have a stimulus/response that is quite predictable :)
  16. chippie244

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    The shelf stackers have to work around the general public with all the risks that involves.
  17. joinerjohn1

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    And all paid differing rates Jack. ( that’s why we have different pay bands in the NHS) Now tell me, is a till operators skill really comparable with a fork lift drivers skill ?

  18. Does thil till operator just sit on the till, responsible for a large amount of money? Or do other jobs too, like loading shelves, dealing with the public, working around the public etc? Or are you comparing 2 different types of shop workers?
    Read post 44?

    All nurses are paid differently? Or just on grades? Men paid the same as women ?

    Do you, or do you not, like and want equality, where ever it is possible?
  19. chippie244

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    A fork lift licence takes about half a day to get, dealing with the general public takes a life time.
    I've done both and driving a fork lift is easier.
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    'Worth' is an emotional non argument though, surely?
    What is worth? Isn't that determined by the individual who decides to enter into a contract of employment knowing full well what the work involves, and what the reward will be?
    Both genders are paid exactly the same regardless of which job they choose to take.
    The terms of employment would have been fully understood before they decided to accept, so why are they now complaining that other employees who work at a different location doing a different job, in a different environment are paid more than they are?
    It appeals to people who are driven by their feelings over common sense, that's why.
    I could call em useful idiots in all honesty, but I won't, that might hurt their feelings.

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