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  1. I think I disagree with your comment on May. (Or, I disagree as far as I understand what compels her.)

    Why would a Remainer take on the job of guiding the UK through this Brexit decision? She hasn't changed her colours. Well, at least I don't think she has. So that leaves the most likely explanation that she is a person of principle, and does wish to guide the UK on its electorate's decision, but perhaps in the least harmful way?

    I don't know, but I'm happy to give her that until shown otherwise.

    I mean, can you imagine the carnage if Boris or Gove or one of these scurrilous ejits had become PM? :eek:

  2. We disagree, no problem.

    I think May saw an opportunity to increase her power and prestige by taking the top spot, even though it meant swapping her side of the argument. She has never stood up and explained her reasoning for doing so.

    You cannot vote for remain, and then suddenly swap sides and think you are the right person to sort Brexit. Cameron had the decency to stand down when he saw the result. He had the principle to realise he was not the right person to do it, it would have meant betraying his comments and beliefs.

    Is she better than Johnson, Gove, Davis, Mogg et al? Not much to beat is there.

    Principles come at a cost.
  3. Possibly, JoT - who knows what went through her head.

    And, by all accounts, the 'top job' is something she's always wanted, ever since she were a lad.

    I don't think it's opportunistic or hypocritical to 'go' for the job even tho' you didn't personally vote for Brexit; the post was for 'PM' and not Brexiteer-in-Chief.

    And, personally speaking, thank goodness she got it and not the back-stabbing Boris.

    Happy to give her the B of the D until shown otherwise.

    Hey-ho - it's all a laugh, innit... :(
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    I don't trust May as I have no idea what she stands for. Initially all we heard was "Brexit means Brexit", coming from a remainer I wondered what she meant by this.

    We had talk of a hard brexit, could it be that a remainer is leading us over a cliff face?

    Now we see a posture on Brexit that is looking more like remaining in the EU in all but name, and I don't see how that can happen.

    Everyone's bumbling along with platitudes a plenty but with no clue on what we're aiming for.

    As for Corbyn, don't waste my time with this Marxist. I hope he never gets any real power, what a disaster that would be. Only got to look at what's going on with Haringey council to see what his type would do to the country. Authoritarians.
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    How on earth did the topic change from Equality to Brexit? ( oh yeah, DA and Jack got involved)
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  7. facilities

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    JJ I would have put money on it being one of the two usual suspects that you have mentioned but probably DA with his unhealthy fixation on all things Brexit.

    Bearing in mind he is on parole and has got his ankle tag on he is probably treading carefully at the mo, na disregard those last few words, impossible.

    It appears to me that Chipps is responsible with post 64 and his slur on a fine tabloid, which then opened the gate for the bitter remoaners :(

    How do you plead Chipps?
  8. Wrong on one big count, Facs.

    My ankle-tagged fixation is healthy.

    Anyhoo, get cookin'... :)
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    Ahh it was Mr Chips started it all off with his undying support for Corbyn. I for my part merely mentioned Corbyn’s history of his relationship with all things EU, and his subsequent change of heart. ;);)
    Anyway,,,, back on the topic, I wholeheartedly support “ equal pay and conditions” for the same job. I just can’t always get my head round this “ jobs of equal value” and who decides that differing jobs are of equal value to each other.
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  10. Corbyn is a democrat - he listens to his party and the electorate. Give him credit for that.

    "Jobs of equal value". Is there anything wrong with that in principle? And 'who decides'? Democrats, I guess.

    You seem to think that the average nurse should get paid the same as the Health Secretary, or vice versa?

    If so, that's a statement of sheer staggering ignorance. Guaranteed to win you plaudits down t'pub.
  11. Dr Bodgit

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    Hum a Marxist democrat?
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    Point 1, Corbyn sooooo obviously listened to only 48% of the electorate ( got that wrong, didn’t he? )

    Point 2, was a tongue in cheek remark, in response to someone who ( on about the Tesco case) said “ They all work for the same company” So in the interests of fairness then, should everyone who works for the same company, get the same pay? ( I think not)

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  13. I'll accept your ';)'s

  14. longboat

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    A 172-40 motion of no confidence flies in the face of your first assumption, and the second, well, I think it's a given that Corby only listens to his electorate if he also agrees with what they're saying.
    Not electorate, it's rather what momentum (militant) are saying. The champion of the feckless.
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  15. To point 1.

    He listened, but stood up for what he believed. Did he get it wrong? Should he have changed his opinion just to get votes?

    Or did he stand up for what he believed in. Which happened to be different to what the voters wanted?

    You seem to prefer a politician that changes sides togarner support.

    See the difference?

    To point 2. Its you who suggested everybody in the same company should get paid the same! Swerving?
  16. joinerjohn1

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    Aww come on Jack, he (was) a committed Euroseptic , then suddenly, he,s a committed Remainer. :rolleyes: ( I assume the wind changed direction )
  17. We all know there is nothing on this planet or beyond that'll make you change your mind, JJ - no facts, no reason, no reality.

    So there we have it - between you and Corbyn, who's judgement should we trust?
  18. longboat

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    If anyone else on here had said that I'd assume they were taking the mickey.
    But as it's 'you', we can be certain that it was a serious post.
    You obviously know diddly squat about Corbys parliamentary career, just like the other chanting adolescents that support him for what he might promote tomorrow.

    "An honest man, principled, says what he believes", give ya head a shake, JoT.
  19. Corbyn should have jumped at that result?


    Anyhoo, before you declare he's driven by 'Momentum', you should be ready to back it up with facts.

    As a rabid B*******, you and facts rarely shake hands.
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    I never mentioned Brexit, I mentioned ladyboy and the Daily Nazi :):)

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