Erbauer cordless drill battery warning

Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by Despy Dan, May 10, 2007.

  1. Despy Dan

    Despy Dan New Member

    I bought an Erbauer 18v combi drill around feb/mar 2005. One of the batteries has given up and the other is struggling. I have tried to buy replacement batteries via Screwfix and contacts they recommended, but without success. So it looks like my just 2+ year drill will shortly be useless! A great shame because the drill itself has provided excellent service. So be warned! (Unless anyone can offer an alternative supplier: ERB18 CD).
    So, I won't be buying any Erbauer tools in the future; I'll go for a well known and well established brand like Ryobi, Makita and DeWalt.
  2. you're not the only person to find out the hard way that you can't get spares for Erbauer...:(
  3. P F Hammer

    P F Hammer New Member

    Have you tried Northern Surplus Supplies, Doncaster. It's the retail arm of Nutool. 01302 728280
  4. Despy Dan

    Despy Dan New Member

    Tried them! Tried Omega Wolf who could have helped me if they had supplied my Erbauer, but they didn't; mine has the carry case with metal clips whereas Omega Wolf only supplied those with plastic clips! This suggests that even the same model of drill has different batteries. Omega Wolf suggested try Nutool, but no joy!
    Quite frankly this is ridiculous; Screwfix should be thoroughly ashamed of this situation; doesn't say much for any 'green' credentials they might claim!
    But hopefully others will learn from the lesson!
  5. wklivesvtime

    wklivesvtime New Member

    crack the batt open and see what sort of cells are in them then replace accordingly from a batt supplier. if you post on sparks forum they will throw up a link to one
  6. Tam C

    Tam C New Member

    Fellas, "Erbauer" is a brand name registered by Screwfix and belongs completely to them. They obviously get the products made by some Far East factory, so no-one except Screwfix is ever likely to have access to spares and batteries.

    As you say, it's appalling they can't /won't help for a product they have created and sold, knowing you have nowhere else to go.
  7. tonynoarm

    tonynoarm New Member

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