Erbauer ERB380ROU 2100W Router 230-240V

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    Hello guys, I am just wondering if anyone has ever used the Erbauer ERB380ROU 2100W Router 230-240V, as I have just purchased it, as I needed a router to cut kitchen worktops and the reviews looked good.Just a few questions as I cant understand the manual that came with it. Along with 3 trend kitchen fitting router bits (the straight ones).

    1) Where does the dust extraction go? I have only found one place, next to the collet, but it doesn't look right.

    2) Which direction do I go when routing, is it still from left to right like with other routers?

    3) When changing the depth, Is it right to use the plundge depth stop and not the thing on the fine adjustment thing? what does the fine adjustment do anyway?

    4) Which is the best speed to use? it came on speed 6 the highest, but did read that someone nearly burnt the surface using that setting so changed it down to 3.

    5) Please add any other information that you may think might be relivent,
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