Erbauer Mitre Saw warranty

Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by Rad87, May 21, 2021.

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    Just in case, I did ask in the shop and lady there didn't know (?!) :)

    Is there a requirement to keep all boxes for the whole warranty period? I've got this one and power supply or something failed (light and laser doesn't work). Apparently it's a common problem.

    So I don't have the box and this tool didn't have a case either. I was tempted to go to shop and get replacement and use the new box for the old saw. So there is another problem, it seems to be out of stock everywhere.

    From your expierience, how is Screwfix dealing with products out of stock?

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    No, you don't need the packaging.

    Screwfix are normally good with that sort of thing, they'll probably just give you the equivalent model
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