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Discussion in 'Screwfix' started by Rafell, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. Dominic Parkinson

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    Screwfix has said to me today 'I can confirm that Erbauer is a Screwfix only brand and as the item is imported from Overseas no spares are available.' So if you want to have a maintainable tool (e.g. for reliability, carbon-saving, long-term-cost saving, or just the sheer pleasure of using a quality item) thgen buy something other than Erbauer.
  2. HandyDoug

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    I have purchased several Erbauer tools which are used daily. There are no spare parts but there is a 2 year warranty. I took back my impact driver after 15 months and it was swapped for a new one. Why worry about spares when the price/warranty balance is about right depending on your usage.
  3. Dominic Parkinson

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    Why worry? One of several reasons is the environmental cost of e.g. an entire £250 drill going to landfill because of one tiny part needs replacement. Screwfix might repeatedly incur this carbon cost if the machine repeatedly fails during guarantee period.
  4. HandyDoug

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    I hadn't really thought about that side of it but I assumed the old units would fall under the WEEE Regulations anyway. Not sure one tool every 18 months (or less) has the same impact as a skip full of old kitchens or bathrooms once a week.
  5. Dominic Parkinson

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    Hi HandyDoug, I'm sure that the Screwfix waste stream complies with WEEE regs, so I agree not QUITE as bad as landfill. fyi I just took my erbauer table saw to pieces for spares/recycling, only to find (too late for this machine) a discreet label saying Rexonspares Ltd 01709-571757. So I'm guessing that Erbauer is (at least in this case) a rebranded product by Taiwanese toolmaker Rexon, and that rexonspares perhaps could provide some spare parts for some Erbauer products.
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    I have an Orbital Sander from Erbauer, I tried looking around for a replacement Sanding pad which wore out after about a year i.e. the Velcro discs would fall off almost straight away so the tool was becoming unusable. Screw fix advised me I could not buy a replacement so I looked around on a popular auction website and found a Sealey 6" sanding pad , the holes are not quite in the right place but with the aid of a drill I am confident i can reposition the holes and bring my machine back up to use again.

    Part arrived today, looks reasonable quality , very similar dimensions to original and cost around 12.00 including delivery.

    Another point to make, the air suction holes are in the right place also.

    Final mod I had drooled over a Mirka DA Sander circa 350.00 after hearing how effective they were at removing the dust for sanding work with hoover attachment, got my erbauer , gave it a 1.0 modification of henry hoover tube inserted into the bag at the back , gaffa tape to secure. Tried the sander out with the henry and estimate dust reduced by around 85-95%.
  7. FireplaceToasty

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    FIX FOR ERBAUER ORBITAL DA SANDER 6" / 150mm Replacement sanding pad .

    Please see photo to see how easily you can convert a similar disc like these.

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  8. Astramax

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    Did pretty much the same thing myself about 10 years ago, bought the Abranet hose, Velcro sanding attachment and connected them up to my Nilfisk via the conical hose adaptor and away we go, a real time saver.
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