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Discussion in 'Carpenters' Talk' started by krisf1, Mar 6, 2010.

  1. krisf1

    krisf1 New Member

    hi does any one have any opinions on the estwing weight forward hammer. i can not decide whether to buy one or not
  2. chippie244

    chippie244 Super Member

    I bought one, didn't like it, gave it away.
  3. -chippy_john

    -chippy_john New Member

    I tried one and thought it was a horrible thing.

    I expect I'm a bit biased though as I've been using the same two hammers for a very long time.
  4. Andrew Ward

    Andrew Ward New Member

    Yes i got one of the earlier ones it was a 22oz & was always brought up with 20oz i did'nt like it either but now i think they have got a lighter also the old had square heads now there is a round with chequared face would'nt mint testing one i'm going to the tool fair @ Harrogate later in the month should be some there to test & the rest cant wait
  5. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    if you want a decent hammer buy a Vaughan 16oz titanium, estwings are kids hammers with a tiny head and a handle you can only hold in one place
  6. goldenboy

    goldenboy Super Member

    Re-inventing the wheel if you ask me, having said that I've never used one. Dont have any problems with my hammer, Stanley Anti-vibe for me plus about a million blue strikes lying around my workshop for when I need one there and then. I seemed to go through a phase of losing hammers then buying a temporary blue strike then finding the original one then leaving the blue strike in the workshop then going through the whole thing again! . I know the Antivibe is a bit of a mass market tool but it works well for me
  7. chippie238

    chippie238 New Member

    Ha Ha Ha!!, your like me with hammers, Ive got so many of them ranging from roofing/estwing to stanley 160z to 20z to ball/cross pein ect, always loosing the decent ones, and then temporarily buying cheapy ones for different jobs to replace the pros. End result= a lot of cheap hammers, with no where to store them!!
  8. chippie238

    chippie238 New Member

    I forgot to mention I keep finding the decent ones then loosing them.
  9. Piratejoiner

    Piratejoiner New Member

    I got one.It took a long time to get used to but i like it
  10. !!

    !! Active Member

    I had one, didn't like the handle material, shape or the weight forward balance (can't tap the chisels with the side) Replaced it with a douglas tool, great hammer
  11. speed

    speed New Member

    i also have a 18oz douglas tool hammer, top quallity, puts my eswing to shame
  12. trowelmeister

    trowelmeister New Member

    Yeah, they look the dogs danglies, but are they any better then a normal 20oz etswing? No.
  13. speed

    speed New Member

    yes for me
    the axe handle is much easyer to hold. in diffrent places
    the eswing only has one decent grip position
  14. -chippy_john

    -chippy_john New Member

    the Estwing only has one decent grip position

    If you're going to use it properly, there's only one place to hold any hammer.
  15. wuddy

    wuddy Member

    if you buy a hammer with a decent length shaft and learn to use it properly you will find many different positions to hold it for many different situations and the estwing will feel like a useless kids toffee hammer
  16. !!

    !! Active Member

    I haven't used my 20oz estwing since getting a Douglas, just feels too heavy.

    Each to there own though, I'm not saying its the best hammer in the world but to me it's the best I've used.

    If I get brave enough I'll try a titanium one
  17. hammernob

    hammernob New Member

    had the 18 oz douglas for about 3 years & wish i'd bought the 20 oz i think the 18 oz is that little bit to light for me, sometimes feels like its bouncing back when striking chisels in hardwood.
  18. !!

    !! Active Member

    Sharper chisels or a firmer whack or if my old tutor is reading always use a beech mallet with chisels only cowboys use a claw hammer
  19. hammernob

    hammernob New Member

    beech mallet good idea i'll see if the wifes got an apron i can borrow too

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