Ethernet cables down unused chimney channel!

Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by thestraycat, Oct 13, 2021.

  1. thestraycat

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    Hi guys,

    As above really. We have an older extended 50's end of terraced house and i've been slowly making my way through renovating each room. I'm on the last room now and the whole upstairs has been finished so i can't chase into the walls any further. I've got a half removed chimney starting in the loft, going through the 2nd floor and that has been removed in the downstairs lounge.

    My plan was to drop 3 ethernet only cables down the chimney and then exit them from the lounge ceiling and then chase them into the wall from the lounge ceiling to the network point.

    Although a bit weird granted. Its currently unused and i have no plans to remove it for the 5 or so years we're staying in the property.

    Do you think this is possible? The living room is currently in 1st fix. I've drawn a crude diagram to illustrate it. My thinking was with this being low voltage cable, cat7 doulble protected and i'd pass it through some 50mm tubing to help guide it, it was acceptable to do knowing it can be simply chopped out in the future and lost in the wall? Thoughts?


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  2. Tony Goddard

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    As its a comms cable, its not covered in the electrical regs, so you can put it wherever you like really - BT, Security, Satellite and comms guys put wires in some very odd places, but they can!!

    If its the best solution, go for it, just don't light a fire!!
  3. Wayners

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    Rewire on job back in the 80s went down disused chimney and when house was sold new lot started a fire. Ah that's nice! Bang. That cost a fortune to sort including smoke damage which was what we were painting.
    Still, one Internet cable should be fine
  4. The Happy Builder

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  5. FlyByNight

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    Keep them together in flexible trunking, run a spare or two.

    But why Cat7? Cat6 will be totally adequate
  6. Jimbo

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    If that is an outside elevation the another option could be down the outside in PVC conduit to directly behind the socket plate.
  7. thestraycat

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    @FlyByNight - Yeah i was planning on using some 50mm tubing that i have handy for laying armoured cable as its going spare, and gives some more room between cables. Because i'm chasing them in I'll be adding around 3 x ethernet anyway just in case one breaks in the future. CAT7 Mainly because i needed 10gb and 40gb speeds for home lab scenarios and i have a 1000m CAT7 Spool that i grabbed for £20. :)
    @Wayners - Christ! That's horrific!
    @Jimbo - I thought that too, but my cables orange, and i coudlnt find any good UV resistant outside conduit that anyone would stand behind when i discussed using it for outside use. Going down the chimney cuts out 4m of chasing for me too which is nice and keeps the cables minimal outside on the external wall, as i have a few for aerial etc already on this wall.
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  8. Jimbo

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    I've never had a problem with Screwfix 20mm uPVC conduit outside, and certainly not within 5 years that you're specifying it for here.
  9. thestraycat

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  10. Spark19*

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    If you’ve got an airing cupboard might be a bit less crazy ;-)
  11. techie

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    69178. Conduit box
  12. thestraycat

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    I know right, no such luck!

    If i want to board up the hole at the top of the stack that terminates in the loft that i plan on running cables down after i've finished to stop any potential water or **** getting down it. what would be the best way to go about it?
  13. Spark19*

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    If we are being creative....can you drop them down the wall cavity. Wouldn’t recommend it for electrical obvs, but if it’s a choice between a chimney and wall cavity...I choose b :)
  14. thestraycat

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    Hmm noy sure. Would be a long drop from loft to ground floor...

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