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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by longboat, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    Well, it looks like round one of the parliamentary debate has given the go ahead for the transition of EU law into the UK statute.
    Yet again, the remainers have forecast their bleak analysis on the whole affair and come up short.
    If an ex-barrister and former head of the CPS can give out misleading/incompetent information on such an issue, how can anything he says be trusted in future.

    Mind you, he was an award winning human rights defence barrister.

    Says it all i suppose.
  2. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

  3. Harry Stottle

    Harry Stottle Active Member

    Most people with more than half a brain will not believe the hype. It's clear from the comments that the general theme is lefty annoyance that passing the bill is a step towards brexit. Typical of the Guardian to take that line.
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  4. Jackoftrades

    Jackoftrades Well-Known Member

    Well, what do you know? Who has fallen for the hype?

    It is obvious that there needs to be a change of laws, and the bill is all about that. We cannot stumble on after brexit without clear laws in place. This case is all about that. But as I understand it, this is stage 1, and is expected to have many amendments. That is the point at which it will be right or not.

    But the people supporting the right of our Government, which is not very good at representing any of us, to be given the right to change laws without our representatives having any input is a very backwards and dangerous step. Why have MP's to represent us if they can't change anything anyway?

    Yet again, those that state they want anti establishment are supporting the very thing they think they are against.

    And then claiming it as a sense of pride too.
  5. Jackoftrades

    Jackoftrades Well-Known Member

    See my comment above. I think it explains your point.
  6. fillyboy

    fillyboy Well-Known Member

    Calm down Jack.
  7. Jackoftrades

    Jackoftrades Well-Known Member


    for pointing out facts not hype ?
  8. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    What is backwards and dangerous about this bill?
  9. Jackoftrades

    Jackoftrades Well-Known Member

    But the people supporting the right of our Government, which is not very good at representing any of us, to be given the right to change laws without our representatives having any input is a very backwards and dangerous step

    It was in the post
  10. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    Yes, I should have been more specific.
    What laws do they have the power to change as may be enacted by this bill?
    Which specific areas are you referring to, that in your opinion are backwards and dangerous?
  11. Jackoftrades

    Jackoftrades Well-Known Member

    I am sure you understand it very well. But this link may help explain?

    Attempt to demean the role of parliament'
    Despite winning the vote on second reading, May is facing pressure to amend the bill before it enters UK law.

    Throughout the two days of debate on the legislation large numbers of Conservative backbenchers called for changes to the legislation, in order to limit ministerial powers.

    Conservative MP for Eddisbury, Antoinette Sandbach, described the powers contained within the bill as an "unacceptable attempt to demean the role of parliament."

    Former Chancellor Ken Clarke called for "substantial amendments" to the bill while former Conservative Attorney General Dominic Grieve said it would strip citizens of their rights to challenge the government.

    Even leading Conservative Brexit supporters criticised aspects of the bill.

    Long-time Brexit campaigner Edward Leigh called for the government to be "generous" and make amendments to the bill but played down fears that the government would abuse so-called Henry VIII powers.

    "Henry VIII is a ******* but he's my kind of *******," he told MPs.
  12. fillyboy

    fillyboy Well-Known Member

    The stupid thing Longs is that both Jack and the 'Ignored poster' have long argued that Government should ignore democracy when it comes to an important referendum,
    they feel that govt should act against the will of the people, a simple vote to make things 'legal like' has won by a majority and they hate it's not what they b100dy well want, well tough luck boys, that's democracy and yous lost

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  13. fillyboy

    fillyboy Well-Known Member

    And yes 'ignored poster' I do know how to upload images, but for some curious reason, ever since I uploaded a picture of a stuka crashing, that facility appears to have been withdrawn, all part of the 'freedom and democracy' that you and Jack crave for I would guess.
  14. Jackoftrades

    Jackoftrades Well-Known Member

    I think you have missed the points made entirely.

    But I am not surprised.
  15. Devil's Advocate

    Devil's Advocate Well-Known Member

    Ever since you 'ignored' me, Filly, I haven't seen the point of livin... er, posting.

    Anyhoo, Brexit hasn't happened yet, and - when it 'does' - it won't be what you wanted.
  16. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    No, that hasn't explained or answered my question as to why you don't agree with the bill (as it stands).
    When the parliamentary process is concluded I don't think there will be any major amendments governing the use of secondary legislative powers.
    You do understand why these are needed in order for the bill to succeed?
  17. Jackoftrades

    Jackoftrades Well-Known Member

    No, but I do understand why no Government should have sweeping powers to change any laws without due process.

    Dont you ?
  18. longboat

    longboat Well-Known Member

    This bill will not grant sweeping powers to any minister of government to change any laws they wish without parliamentary scrutiny.

    See, I knew you'd believe the hype.
  19. joinerjohn1

    joinerjohn1 Screwfix Select

    When Brexit finally happens and we revert to trading with the EU under WTO rules, it's the EU who are going to lose out DA. The UK would probably be quids in under WTO rules as we won't be paying the EU to belong to their club any more.
  20. Jackoftrades

    Jackoftrades Well-Known Member

    I am not sure where you get your information, it seems different to the comment of MP's generally, on both sides of brexit opinion. They are in a far more knowledgable position than me, but obviously not to you.

    So lets wait and see the final position shall we?

    At this point it is you supporting the establishment, the very thing you think you are against.

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