Ever claimed on long warranty when you're only the end user?

Discussion in 'Plumbers' Talk' started by woodface7, Oct 22, 2022.

  1. woodface7

    woodface7 New Member

    Our bath taps were fitted five years ago by some unknown plumber. He got them from Wolseley.

    Now they've started dripping I looked into buying new cartridges / valves. Natural first stop was Wolseley website as the taps are their own brand so their parts easiest to identify and be a fit.

    I was annoyed to then find that only people with trade accounts are even allowed to search for parts on the website! Though they're happy to sell us new taps.

    At that point I noticed the prominent "10 Year Guarantee" symbol on the box we had kept. The product leaflet gives no terms or conditions for the warranty. Their site says nothing about guarantees other than the usual 12 months. So in theory they can't now impose limitations on who claims for what in that ten years.

    It can be argued that cartridges are just wear and tear, but in that case, maybe exclude them or don't offer ten year warranties?

    I haven't contacted Wolseley, because a total disassembly and clean seems to have fixed the problem for now. (Thanks YouTube!)

    I wondered what experience others have had of claiming on long warranties when they are the end user, rather than the direct purchaser holding a receipt.
  2. big all

    big all Screwfix Select

    Until you have read the terms and conditions, you won't know what's involve suspect consumables not covered
    i suspect the relent terms and conditions are via the plumber who fitted them
  3. FlyByNight

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    A shower temperature cartridge failed after around 10 years - I call the minufacturer to order a replacement. They told me it was "lifetime warranty" and all I needed was a receipt from install, which I produced. Unfortunately, it was a made to order part and with christmas, a 4-6 week wait, but installed and working.

    Hep20 - offer 50 year, I needed to claim on two valves after somewhere between 8 & 10. No issue

    A Yale door lock failed after 8 years - replaced by them.

    Garden Secatuers - had a 25 year warranty, after 15 years, they failed and were replaced.

    It will depend on the company you are dealing with ... Wolesley - I would suggest they will play fair. Although, as you say, they could be considered consumable parts
  4. darren jackson

    darren jackson Active Member

    i have a Wolseley trade account, had to claim on there own brand Nabis taps that have a 5 year warranty,
    that i fitted for one of my customers two and half years ago, they required a hot water cartridge so was looking for a pair FOC,
    no probs all that was required was original receipt, so that will be your stumbling point, BUT this was done as a curtesy to me, the warranty on these taps are against manufacturing defects and not wear and tear,
    some manufacturers will still supply tap cartridges under warranty but not many, tap cartridges for 3/4" bath tap from wolseley retail price start from £20.
    Good luck

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