Everything looks a bit bad in new kitchen :/

Discussion in 'Kitchen Fitters' Talk' started by Mancone, Oct 6, 2020.

  1. Mancone

    Mancone Member

    Went on my builder. 100% positive feedback 23 reviews. Checked on other websites etc.

    I’m not a happy bunny with the end result. Am I expecting too much or have I been screwed?

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  2. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    The link to your pic isn't working for me. Copy and paste the BBcode from that pic into your post.
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  3. Mancone

    Mancone Member

    Not sure what bb code is?
    that’s at the end of imgur image IlY00V5
  4. HandyHeath

    HandyHeath Member

    Whoever has fitted that has done a terrible job. Someone who's half good at diy could have done it better.
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  5. Joshuaojs

    Joshuaojs Active Member

    Seems rough
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  6. LeonWiddicombe

    LeonWiddicombe Active Member

    Have you raised it and asked for it to be finished a bit neater?
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  7. Mancone

    Mancone Member

    Yep. he has said he doesn’t do 90 degree cuts in the splash back. The joins are pretty bad as well On the laminates
  8. Mancone

    Mancone Member

    Ok can someone tell me what I’m doing wrong.
    I do the checks on MyBuilder and still get a bad job?
  9. kitfit1

    kitfit1 Screwfix Select

    Managed to see your pics using MS Edge.
    What can i say, it looks like the job was done by a 9 year old. Having never been on or even looked at "My Builder", did you actually search for a kitchen fitter ?
    Whoever did that is certainly no kitchen fitter.
    The best way to find a kitchen fitter is through recommendation from friends, family, work colleagues and so on. The worst way is any online sites to be honest.

    I actually went out to have a look at a kitchen fitted by an online "tradesman" 3 weeks ago. The worktops were so bad that the whole lot needed to come out, mitre's on light pelmet and cornice looked like they had been cut with a jigsaw. There were numerous other issues as well.
    Needless to say, the "tradesman" had taken the money and run. The couple who's kitchen it was, are going to have to fork out for new worktops, a new set of taps, light pelmet and cornice, new plinths as well as try to persuade the hob retailer to replace a chipped hob.
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  10. masterdiy

    masterdiy Screwfix Select

    I do hope you haven't paid him yet.....If you have why?

    If a kitchen fitted said to me, I don't do 90deg, I would have shown him the door.
    And to me, the biggest question has got to be, why did you not do the floor before a kitchen is fitted??
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  11. Mancone

    Mancone Member

    Check out MyBuilder
  12. Mancone

    Mancone Member

    Because the kitchen floor hasn’t been decided yet. Someone told me you do doors last? Plus I need other work doing. Plus I have a tenant.
  13. masterdiy

    masterdiy Screwfix Select

    I hope it wasn't your kitchen fitter. o_O
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  14. Richard_

    Richard_ Screwfix Select

    Yes the floor tiles/vinyl/etc go down after the kitchen units but it's best to tidy up the old floor before the kitchen units. It's looks to me that you'll need a screed which will be messy with your new units in place.

    Freestanding units such as your cooker and fridge are put in after the floor tiles.
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  15. jonathanc

    jonathanc Guest

    3rd picture - worktop end - what are those circular things on the end of the worktop???
  16. I-Man

    I-Man Screwfix Select

    looks like screws with white head/painted white :mad:
  17. Kas228

    Kas228 Screwfix Select

    In this day and age a fitted kitchen should be installed to high spec especially if your paying a lot of money.
    I really feel for the opening poster who wants a lovely kitchen but ends up with a lot of heartache, worry and frustration. Need to write down all your concerns and ask politely that they are put right.
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  18. AnotherTopJob

    AnotherTopJob Screwfix Select

    Of course there are builders who can turn their hands to most jobs and do them to a professional standard.
    However a lot of people assume the term builder means someone who can do every practical job from electrics to plumbing.
    It's always best to stick to a specialist who has had years of experience in a particular area. Personal recommendation and seeing previous work is also important.
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  19. Mancone

    Mancone Member

    You happy for potential customers to come into your kitchen for years to come? Because how would I know what a kitchen would looks like :/
    Maybe I should have gone with a fitter and I had a quote from one out of three fitters :/
  20. Mancone

    Mancone Member

    The silver edging strips? Yeah I hate them as well.

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