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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by quasar9, Sep 8, 2021.

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    Recently seen a slew of threads relating to failure of home automation and the difficulty in fixing it or even getting parts for it. Like the OP with a blown coffee machine PCB, or the Aqualisa (I am getting allergic to this brand !) failed processor - why not save yourself a lot of grief by getting a mixer with a simple wax cartridge. Do we really need digital electronics even for a shower ? Did any professional or domestic coffee machine in Italy upto about 90s have any electronics ?, but they made the very best espresso that I can remember. In other coffee growing parts of the world, I have tasted excellent coffee made without any machinery, just a filter

    However the most common thread is digital controls for CH systems. Modulating controllers yes but do we really need blue tooth or WiFi controlled TRV. more to go wrong as i doubt if any of these have fail safe modes. Once properly balanced, my relatively simple programmable thermostat keeps the entire house at a comfortable temperature and TRV never come into operation.

    there used to be a joke around that Americans spent millions developing a ball point pen that can work in zero gravity of space or under water ( yes, they do exist and you can still buy them) but the Russians simply went to a shop and bought a box of pencils.

    perhaps we need to remove automation where it’s not really needed or wanted !
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    When I read some of these threads with enthusiastic promoters of the latest tech, not necessarily always on here, it strikes me that they spend more time fiddling with it to get it to work than any possible convenience it may possibly bring, and any convenience is marginal at best.

    Perhaps not quite the same but my dishwasher recently died (previous thread) and to be honest I have now found that it is as quick, or quicker, to just wash up as we go so I haven't bothered to get anyone in to fix it. The sheer amount of technology that appears to be put into gadgets just because they can rather than adding to reliability or any real advantage is getting ridiculous. It almost seems to be a hobby with some to keep this stuff going once they have bought it.

    By the way I worked as an IT systems manager (hands on) for the final 25 years of my career so can hardly be described as a Luddite.
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    Absolutely 100% bang-on. Agree with every word.
  4. None of it works that well. I've dived into quite a bit (usual stuff, not kettle or shower ***) and the software application of it is really poor, even from the big guys such as Alexa/Phillips etc.

    The one I do 100% rate and say that it does exactly what it should, is Ring stuff including their smart alarm.

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