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Discussion in 'Electricians' Talk' started by RHodgett, Sep 13, 2017.

  1. RHodgett

    RHodgett New Member

    I am replacing the hobs (and possibly oven) in our kitchen. The previous ones were simply plugged in to a socket behind the unit and the separate oven plugged into an outlet which looks like it is 6mm wire to a 32A breaker.

    The hobs I bought are here: http://www.electrolux.co.uk/kitchen/cooking/hobs/electric-hob/ehf6140isk/

    They have a total 6kw load which i know is way too much for a plug (and regs).

    I have tried to identify what the total load of the oven is but unable to find any details about it online - which is why I am considering replacing it. A newer one would probably be more economical anyway.

    I spoke to a sparky on the phone and he said that as long as the total load is under 10kw both oven and hobs can be connected to the same outlet (32A with 6mm cable) - is that right?

    If that is the case I will buy a new oven and hook them both up.

    Many thanks!
  2. Dr Bodgit

    Dr Bodgit Well-Known Member

    You'd probably be fine above 10kw total load as diversity kicks in. Theoretically you'd be OK up to nearly 20kw total load I think:
    20kw is 87A
    Diversity calcs: 10A + 30% of 77A (23A) = 33A which is roughly what the MCB is rated at.
  3. unphased

    unphased Screwfix Select

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  4. RHodgett

    RHodgett New Member

    Brilliant, thank you both for your quick and helpful replies!

    I'll buy a double outlet plate and pick up a new oven :)
  5. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    The Click unit is brilliant - happy with the 10mm supplying it, but not so sure about the twin cables coming out of it. A lot of/maybe all oven/hob manufactures stipulate the use of heat and grease resistant flex to connect up, and not complying with said would constitute a nullification of guarantee/reg breach.
  6. unphased

    unphased Screwfix Select

    Not so, JP. Yes, you can get purpose made flex designed for oven connections, but, the vast majority are connected using 6mm2 T&E. Thats all I've ever used anyway. The connector outlet plate is shaped for those, too.
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  7. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    I will remain in limbo on that one Un, but thanks m8.
  8. seneca

    seneca Screwfix Select

    Agreed UP, the only reason that I often use the recommended flex is that the connection box on many hobs is too bloody small to make a decent job of fitting 6mm t/e!
  9. JP.

    JP. Screwfix Select

    What we are saying is that the hob must be wired in 6mm in all cases?...hmmmm (32 amp mcb noted)

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