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  1. scaa_1978

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    Evening all.

    The attached photo shows the expansion joint in our house at external ground level.

    Expansion joint is sealed with silicone until ground level. Below this, where I have moved the stones away, there is no silicone but what appears to be mortar set back around 10mm from the face of the brick.

    Is this a botch up or how it should be?


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  2. Severntrent

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    Are you sure its mortar and not a type of compressible packing (i.e. polystyrene) that is used as to fill the joint and then in theory the mastic on top adheres to the wall and expands/contracts with the wall and maintains the watertight integrity at the joint
  3. scaa_1978

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    It very well could be a compressive packing. That being the case, is it an issue that the small piece at the bottom is not covered with mastic?
  4. Severntrent

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