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Discussion in 'Just Talk' started by Heat, Aug 6, 2018.

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    As the title says, - for those involved, or perhaps are a friend or relative of someone that have been through the court system, - what are your experiences of family courts, Judges, Social Workers, Court Childrens Officers, etc?
    But please keep it brief and no mention of any area, individual or anything that might identify anyone.
    My aim is to raise awareness of how the courts and those who work directly and indirectly for them function, or disfunction.
    Amoungst my concerns particularly are the power given to courts, especially to the lower professionals, like social workers, plus in my opinion, a general bias towards men .
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    Can't help with any experience - the only case I witnessed was a very acrimonious divorce involving an uncle, but that was 30 years ago...

    Bear in mind that any stories you do get on here will be from one side, so I'm not sure how helpful they'll be.

    But, damn, I bet they'll be interesting... :oops:
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    Regarding my comment about a bias against men, it should be noted that most social workers are women. The social workers will visit the mothers and children in their homes more than likely many more times than they will ever visit the fathers.
    This can put the fathers at a disadvantage and the social worker is more likely to form a bond with the mothers. If the mother is devious, she could easily manipulate the situation to her advantage.
    If the reverse was true and social workers were mainly men, that would not be tolerated by mothers I would bet.
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    Social Workers walk an almost impossibly fine line, and - ultimately - they are human, and will respond as such regardless of the amount of 'impartiality' training they are given. I suspect every single SW can look back and say "Man, I got that one wrong...". I would hope, tho' that the actual court events would be looked on impartially, and I wonder how much input a SW can give to that? I mean input that clearly isn't biased?

    Hellishly difficult but vitally important job - more so each day as austerity cuts ever deeper in to the families that most need help and are finding it harder to cope. Add to that the double-whammy of the cuts in funding and resources for social workers in our sink hole of a country.
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    I totally agree with you. A social worker has a difficult job with certain situations. But it has to be said that courts will take what in writing or verbally stated by a SW as evidence. True that a judge has final decision, but what defence could a person have when facing false statements from a SW ?
    My advice is particularly relevant to fathers, (but mothers should also take care) when dealing with SW and court child officers to get everything in writing and I suggest audio tape everything. Make each person aware beforehand that you are taping the conversations. It should prove to make them more professional at their job.

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