Experiences with Johnstones Leyland

Discussion in 'Painters' Talk' started by imcalledal, Jul 5, 2011.

  1. imcalledal

    imcalledal Member

    Used some Johnstones Leyland Vinyl Soft Sheen and it was horrendous stuff!
    Is all their stuff watery and poor opacity?
  2. Guttercat

    Guttercat New Member

    I think you've used the retail version. It's ****. How much was it and where from?
  3. imcalledal

    imcalledal Member

    Customer got it, it was from an actual J&L trade store. She paid just under £90 for a total of 12.5L.
    I hated it!!! Ended up just going and buying some Dulux which covered in one coat as same colour.
  4. apl

    apl Member

    I frequently use Johnstones Covaplus white emulsion. IMO it covers better than Dulux and it's whiter too. And it's cheaper ;)
  5. Guttercat

    Guttercat New Member

    Ninety pounds !
    Like apl, I also think covaplus is good emul but yours is a colour in V sheen.

    Only you  can tell us whether it's Trade or retail.
    Only you  can tell us whether it's  a mixed colour or off the shelf.
  6. imcalledal

    imcalledal Member

    I think it may be because its V Sheen.
    It was trade mixed, except for the white which was off the shelf (PBW)

    Ill give the covaplus a go sometime and make a decision after that as to if i like the brand or not. Good to have an alternative to Dulux though!
  7. StinkNugget

    StinkNugget Member

    Always found the Johnstones range to be top quality from coverplus, jonmat, through soft sheen to gloss, eggshell etc :)

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