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  1. Slewy

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    have had plans approved part of which includes a side return extension. The house is a mid terrace and the house next to the side return has an existing kitchen extension that projects out about a metre more than ours will. If the extension is on a party wall im aware that notice needs to be served but can we build off it and stud wall the inside ready to insulate and then cut into their extension to flash the adjoining side return roof? Or do we have to have a gap? Picture of said wall for your attention. Thanks in advance

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  2. DevilDamo

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    Irrespective of connecting to their wall, a PWN should be submitted when excavating within 3m of a neighbouring wall and your foundations go down lower than the foundations to the neighbours’ wall. You can get advice along with PWN’s here...


    Do your Planning approved drawings show your extension connecting to their wall or is a gap retained? The latter is usually more common unless Certificate B and Notice 1 had been served on the neighbour at the Planning submission stage.
  3. Slewy

    Slewy New Member

    Thanks for your reply , I was aware of party wall notice regarding the 3m ruling. The actual planning drawings what were submitted and approved look like this... Screenshot_20210112-214932_Gallery.jpg
  4. DevilDamo

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    That cannot be the only Planning submitted/approved drawing!?! Where are the existing and proposed floor plans?
  5. Slewy

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    I have those but they are just of the layout , do you think they are missing something? Sorry im new to this and not sure what is needed next. Im yet apply to building regs/ or appoint a structural engineer is this something the structural engineer would look at when they come? Thanks again 20210113_080037.jpg
  6. stevie22

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    I'm a little surprised planners accepted those plans: I doubt my local lot would as it doesn't answer your question.

    Resolution is for your designer not SE and discussion with BC.

    Where exactly is the external wall relative to the party wall?
  7. Slewy

    Slewy New Member

    Thanks for reply. The wall of the house next door runs down the side of the side pass and is inline with the garden wall that adjoins it , with it matching up straight on our side and most if the width of the garden wall on the neighbours side ( does that make sense? As I dont have a picture if that to hand ) .
    What would the next step be do you think? The designer asked if I want them to submit to building regs on my behalf, does this mean additional costs to them for different drawings ? Sorry for all the silly sounding questions I just dont want to be led down wrong path and pay additional funds (happy to do so is needed) without having the right information on what needs to happen next :)
  8. kiaora

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    looks like a nice extension, looking back to the existing house, i see you will be joining to the party wall on the left.

    you will need to get the builder to fit cavity trays where the walls join,

    obviously the builder will know all this, have you chosen a builder and had a site meeting ?
    they will know the local building control people, and how they work.
    they only really intrested in the overall work.

    mainly the footings, and then,"give use a call when you are at plate level"

    that may be the way forward?

    good luck

  9. jonathanc

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    Building regs drawings are additional cost but they are misleading you into paying fees without dealing with the obvious. Go back to the designer and ask them specifically what the precise plan is with the wall on the boundary with your neighbour. That is the detail you have already paid them for and is lacking. Then get the party wall agreement drawn up and agreed with your neighbour. Only then do you want to spend more hard earned on building regs drawings. Also on the latter point please check their experience of drawing these up. Architects say they can do it but tbh the one I used was hopeless
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  10. Slewy

    Slewy New Member

    Thank you Peter for you helpful reply. As of yet I havent chosen a builder but will be looking to do so shortly. I'm thankful for your input as Its nice to gather some info before I get bamboozled with jargon ‍♀️
  11. Slewy

    Slewy New Member

    Thank you , will speak to the designer and ensure this thank you
  12. stevie22

    stevie22 Screwfix Select

    Get the detail sorted out and agreed before you agree a price with your builder.

    You should have had a price from your designer for the building regs when you appointed him

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