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Discussion in 'Builders' Talk' started by Bods, Jul 3, 2013.

  1. Bods

    Bods New Member

    We are in the SE London / North Kent area and are looking for quotes for a single story 3 x 6m flat roof extension; block walls, render, heavy pebbledash, painting.
    We are getting verbal quotes of around 1,500 plus vat per square meter to 'build the box' and wonder if this is about where we should be . . . . too cheap = problems, but we of course do not want to pay over.
    Would this cost include the knock through and all steels, (we need 2 at a T shape) and internal / external decs, and should the dreaded vat included in this merer rate, or on top ?
    We are not looking for the cheapest quote, we just want to know a fair market rate to help us select the best builder. The internet suggests 1,200 - 1,500 per meter square, but out of date posts . . .(2010-11).  As building regs have changed for insulation, flat roofs, etc, I would expect build costs to have risen ?
    We also have an existing 3 x3 meter single story flat roof extension to demolish first - How much and how long for this ?
    Any help appreciated and thanks in advance.
  2. Those prices are about right.

    There will be vat on top, if the chosen builder is vat registered.

    I dont think the price will include knock throughs or the steel work.

    You should for own peace of mind, get at least 3 prices, and what is included.

    Cheapest isnt always the best.    ;)
  3. Bods

    Bods New Member

    Many thanks Cotswold Builders,
    We appreciate and value your time to reply.
    I hope business in your lovely part of the world is good.
  4. Thanks John,  yes we are busy.

    Your extension would have been around 1k per square metre down here.
  5. Steviejoiner74

    Steviejoiner74 New Member

    Up in Scotland it's around 1k a square meter.
  6. Bods

    Bods New Member

    Thanks guys; in Central London it is between 1.8 and 2.4k pm2 so I guess we get of lightly in the suburbs . . .
    My main concern is how does an experienced extension builder define 'building the box' and what is a 'variable'?
    Are drains, soakaways etc variable, and are gutters, windows, etc in the price per meter square ?
  7. Steviejoiner74

    Steviejoiner74 New Member

    The 1k a square meter covers the lot up here for a basic extension. That includes vat.
  8. Square metre price would include, all associated ground works.

    Super structure, including doors windows, roof on.

    All render finishes, completely plastered.

    Doors hung, skirtings. architraves.

    1st & 2nd fix electrics, plumbing, rads.

    To many variations for kitchens and bathrooms, so left for client to choose and pay seperate.

    Left ready for clients decoration.

    You could get prices or day work for knock throughs and steels, unless the builder includes any extras to win the contract.

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